Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Summer Knitting Goals

1) Finish brown Cestari socks. These have been receiving regular knitting time and need to get finished so I can know for sure that this cotton wool blend will feel good on the feet, as I expect, and whether it will fail to hold it’s shape, as I expect. I am about 20% through with sock 2.

2) Knit Cookie A’s Monkey socks

3) Finish a cotton sweater. Any cotton sweater.
a) There is the pink cabley one from, umm, maybe two years ago, that is maybe close but I have an attitude about the yarn shop where I bought the yarn and book. I thought I had too much yarn for this one so I returned a couple of balls inside the 60 day window but now I’m not sure there is enough yarn.
b) There is knitty grace, knit with a noro cotton. I think I’m at the “pay attention to the shaping parts”. There is plenty of noro cotton as it was a buy-the-bag price so I have 10 skeins. Probably enough for grace plus a baby set.
c) There is the 2nd time cotton red sweater that was frogged but wants to be knit. There are yarn nerves about this one.

4) Finish sari silk bag. I was going to say when I started it but I’m not sure. Angeluna, do you remember? It was about the time you started yours.

5) Knit from stash. I’m a new member of the stashalong blog. I made a short term two month commitment.

6) And then I was going to say finish more UFO’s than new-starts. But thinking about this goal, and doing-the-math makes me realize this is not really possible. Beware, I was a math major. For those who aren’t into math, scroll down to the pretty picture.

Let’s assume I start with 7 ufo/wips. If I want to finish more than I start, let’s assume I start 1 project for every 2 projects that I finish.
When I have 7 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 6 ufo/wips.
When I have 6 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 5 ufo/wips.
When I have 5 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 4 ufo/wips.
When I have 4 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 3 ufo/wips.
When I have 3 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 2 ufo/wips.
When I have 2 ufo/wips, and I finish 2 and start 1, I’ll have 1 ufo/wip.

Then I would have just one project on the needles. And I can’t live like that.

If I have a cotton project, I have to have a wool project too. For my hands sake.
If I have a complex project, I must have a mindless project too. For knitting at knit nite, and in public, and when there’s a good tv show on.
If I have a mindless project, I need something interesting too.
If I have a big project, I have to have something small and portable too.
And so on.

So I’ll set a ufo/wip goal of 3 to 5 projects. I will whittle my ufo/wip numbers to 3, allowing one new start for every 2 finishes until the ufo/wip number reaches 3. Then I will allow new starts freely while the ufo/wip number is less than 5. ufo/wips can be “done” by knitting, frogging, or giving away. If it doesn’t exist, in my possession, it is “done” in my book.

Sorry... there is no pretty picture. But the bonus you get for getting to the bottom of this post is that you find out about a summer knitting goal contest at skeinsherway’s blog. I heard about this at the 2007 summer of stash blog and there are yarn and pattern prizes. Unfortunately the contest entries close today, May 31.

Maybe there will be a pretty picture later when I am home. Because I am not home now.

ETA pretty picture. The final FO of May:

knit with size 6us bamboo short straights. The yarn is sugar 'n cream shaded denim. Cast-on was 36 -- two ridges of garter to start and end. Edge stitches are 3 garter stitches and 1 reverse stockinette (why, I do not know, not needed at all). It's about 7.75 inches square.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

finishing up May projects

I'm evaluating the current ufo situation. You'll get the full report later this week but it seems that even though I'm finishing some projects, the number of ufos is growing. I'm planning some finishing and some frogging.

Speaking of finishing, I was knitting along on the rose suri alpaca scarf (from knitpicks) last night at knit nite, back and forth, back and forth. It's garter stitch and mindless and I even managed to look at Angeluna's koigu book some while knitting. When, wonder of wonder, I saw the little ball of yarn starting to look like just a loop of yarn. I knit a few more rows until there was only about a yard left, so I guess I'm done. Well, it needs binding off and weaving in and some gentle blocking to even things out. Technicalities, but I'm calling it done for monthly counting purposes. Here we have pics:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And up close:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cast on was 17, knit on bamboo size 11us. One skein of suri dream in the rose quartz color. It's almost 60 inches long and about 5.5 inches wide and will make a niecely Christmas gift for someone.

And there is other garter knitting goodness. It's a rectangle of garter inspired by the yarn harlot in Knitting Rules, knit from a skein and a half of Mission Falls wool.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's temporarily seamed with the cast-on tail and the cast-off tail is woven through what will be the top. I'm going to undo it for a class sample.

more later,

Monday, May 28, 2007

20 pounds of plums

I've been picking plums. This is a 3.5 gallon bucket filled with plums, 20 pounds of plums.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Most of them were picked standing on the ground but I had to climb a ladder for some. Most of them are now in my big pot simmering down for jelly. Some didn't fit. They'll be for fresh eating or I'm thinking about drying some to make homemade prunes. I've never tried making prunes before. Gotta go find that dryer...

I usually pick wild plums at about this time of year on the property next to ours but this year our domesticated plum tree (Methley, I think) has a bumper crop. We called the wild ones sand plums in the area in northwestern Oklahoma where I grew up. I remember making my first plum jelly 25 years ago. My sister knew where some were out in the country along a fence row. I remember that was pregnant and my sis had her one year old with her. And my mom was there but I'm not sure whether she was picking or chasing the baby. Back at home, I remember trying to peel and pit those little wild plums and getting nowhere fast. I finally called my mom who, it turned out, knew nothing about making plum jelly. Lots of things her mom did, skipped a generation. But she said to call Uncle Bud. And he knew all about making plum jelly. He laughed at the thought of my peeling and pitting and said just to wash them and throw them in a big pan to simmer. The juice comes out leaving the pits and peels to be strained away. So that's what I do.

In knitting news, I have finished a hat:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm not sure who it is for. Maybe my great-nephew?
Cast-on was 60. Knitted in k2p2 rib with 2 strands of leftover bits and pieces of WOTA on a size 9 addi turbo 16" circ. The yarn used totaled up to just over 60 grams.

Back to work tomorrow and it's knit nite for the Sisters Of the Wool, and there is rain in the forecast,

Sunday, May 27, 2007

my first spindle spinning... or ode to Judi

Judi, you may be my new best friend. At least my best spinner friend.

To fill in the rest of you, we had a special knit nite today. I know, I know, today isn't Tuesday and today wasn't a night but txknitter said something like, "it's my vacation and I'll knit if I want to -- anybody want to come and knit with me?", and some of us said yes, so there was a special meeting of the Sisters Of the Wool on a Sunday afternoon.

There was some list talk about spinning and new member Carrie said something about spinning lessons, and new member, Judi said "I'll help you", and it turned into our first meeting with spinning wheels. And spindles. And wool fiber. I wasn't paying attention to the non-knitters in the Border's coffee shop but I understand we caused something of a spectacle.

Back to the spinning... I watched Carrie spin. And I watched Judi help Carrie. And I watched Judi spin. She said it was lace weight alpaca but it looked very fine, almost like cobweb to me, and perfectly even. And Judi demonstrated drop spindling. And best of all, she brought drop spindles with fiber to loan to Angeluna. She asked if I wanted to try it and I eagerly said yes. Oh yes.

So I came home, and started trying to spin. Had to stop for dinner. [The maple man had been to the grocery store while time got away from me at knitting.] I had recently borrowed Shannon Okey's Spin to Knit from the library. So there was some reading during dinner. And some internet research. Then more spinning. And we have our first bit of yarn:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And up close:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's blue faced leicester. I spun blue faced leicester. On a side note, I just had to scratch my back and found tufts of drafted fiber on the back of my shirt. One of the hazards?

I am a little worried about taking the yarn off of the spindle, like maybe it'll come all unspun. Then there is the plying that I've heard of... And there are z-twists and s-twists and I'm not sure which mine is. But I'm guessing I'll figure it out. Or I'll ask Judi. My new best spinner friend.

In knitting news, there is a good ole' garter square, knit with sugar 'n cream (soft teal) on size 6us clover bamboo straights:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The cast on was 36.

It is a sample for a knitting class I'm getting ready to teach. Smaller than a scarf, much smaller, but something useful that a new knitter can make while practicing the knit stitch. I have another garter goodie in the works.

more later,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

bearfoot pics

The mountain colors bearfoot socks are done:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and up close on the leg section:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and the other sock:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No, they're not exactly the same but most people will never see the tops of my socks, and those who do probably would not notice the differences.
I was bored with stockinette and decided to play around with monkey patt variations. I think I'll use the official Monkey [link] top down charted pattern when I knit monkey but start at the toe. It's not an official KAL at knit nite but Joy and Angeluna were both knitting monkeys and I'm feeling left out. I'm going to try to finish up a coupla' projects before I start my monkeys but the call is strong.

Just for the record, the yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Larkspur color. The rated yarn quantity was 350 yards / 100 grams. My skein was 110.5 grams and I have 30.5 grams left. So I used about 80 grams for this pair. I have another generous bit of leftover bearfoot so I may stripe the two together for another pair of socks. I may not have quite enough so I may have to beg/borrow someone else's leftovers. Or buy another skein sometime.

The sock was knit toe-up using Judy's magic cast-on from knitty [link] which is my current fav. Who knows where my notes are for these socks (they started as vacation knitting), so I'll guess that I did my standard toe increases (faster at first then normal then slower) to probably 48 or 50 or 52, though 48 sticks in my head and these are some snug snug socks. Then there were a few gusset increases and they finished the leg at 56 with about two knuckles of k2p2 rib (doesn't everybody measure rib by the knuckle?). For those who measure with a ruler, it's about two inches.

The heel is an afterthought, over more than half of the stitches, with my new favorite decrease (that I also use for toes if I knit top downs). Basically, it is centered on each side of the heel, and I do k2tog on (both sides of) one row and ssk (on both sides) of the next row, at infinitum, until it is enough, that is, until it fits my heel. With a double decrease or two at the end. I will put together a post later with pics hopefully, featuring this decrease. I need to be using some lighter yarn that will show up better.

The maple man wants fish tacos (we're going out on a Thursday??) so I have to close for now so,
more later,

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baud KAL progress

There was baudelaire knitting and showing at the meeting of the Sisters Of the Wool last night. Once again, as Lynn's daughter, who volunteered to be the photographer, turned on my camera, she found that it had no disc. When will I learn?? But no fear, Grace's camera had it's disc:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And our blocks for rebuilding Greensburg:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm off to finish some afterthought heels, so there will be
more later,

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Monday, May 21, 2007

cestari brown socks

I started these socks on the sf trip but had knit just a toe plus 10 rows or so by the time I got home. The yarn is by cestari and is 75% cotton, 25% wool. I bought it last winter to dye orange and knit some fingerless mitts for dd's syracuse-orange-loving roommate. But koolaid dying doesn't work well for yarn with this much cotton and resulted in a sickly weak color with only hints of orange. So I got some trusty rit and got this nice brown color. (And used the orange koolaid on some kp bare wool.) Back to the sock. Here is the current state:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I just have one skein of this yarn which is supposedly 2 oz and 193 yards per the label (it's 59 grams per the scale) so these will be short socks unless I get in the mood to buy another skein. And make striped socks because I'll never get this color again. Or I could get in the mood knit some top with another stash yarn. I'm thinking I will do a semi-permanent lifeline before the bind-off, and I will knit a bind-off that is more removable than my normal sewn bind-off, so after I wear them a time or two, and wash them a time or two, I'll know how I like them.

The stitch count around the sock is 52. I'll do a gauge count before I'm done but it fits so its the right number for this yarn and my foot. But 52 is the sock number for Wendy's new heel in sport weight so these socks get to be my new-wendy-heel-tester-socks.

I'm not sure how to put this delicately. The yarn is cottony soft... but I'm knitting these on my 2.5 mm kp circs and my hands are not liking the knitting with the cottony yarn at such a tight gauge.

Look what I found in the ziplockbag with the yarn and the sock:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wonder of wonders, I took notes, and kept them. So sock #2 has a chance of being remarkably like sock #1. Yea!

more later,

new lunch bag

The bag is done and carried my lunch to work today. Well, the ends weren't woven in yet, but if you know me, sometimes woven ends are not required.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The bag is based on a stitch pattern and concept from Magknit's Saturday market bag [link]
with mods along the line of Liesl at disdressed [link]
except that I knit it in the round. I say, why knit flat and sew seams and do purl rows when you can knit in the round? Liesl cast on 35; I cast on 70 and joined. I knit a few rows of garter which is knit a row, purl a row then commenced the pattern stitch. The rows didn't always end cleanly, in the round, so sometimes fudging was necessary but it worked out ok in the end. I may do some whispering and some charting to figure out how to make it work more reliably. The handle is an I-cord variation. k1 p4. I wanted the bump side to show prominantly but the k1 was needed for the "pull" stitch. Unless someone knows how to do all purl I-cord. Jump right up and tell me, in the comments if you do.

I used a size 7us 16" circ to start the bag, then sized up to 8us then to 9us, all 16" circs. I tried a longer circ at some point, probably 24 but it was a wrestling match to shove the stitches around so I backed off to the 16's. The handle was knitted on size 5us dpns. I was going to use 4's but found the 5's first. Someday, I'll get all the needles organized. I did a 3-needle bind-off on the bottom. No seaming. None. Gotta love it.

The yarn is Sugar and Cream in the khaki color. I used just over one ball and could have done it with one if I had knit the handle first. I have an idea for the next one for knitting the handle first and joining it up on the first round so it will be more matchy at the ends of the handles.

The bag is pictured with a sheet of 8.5x11 paper to show the stitches better so I'm guessing the bag turned out about 9.5x10.5.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It holds several yogurts, a couple of pieces of fruit, and a pint jar of cheerios. And a knitting project, a camera, and a bottle of water. It could be used as a purse substitute if your purse contents wouldn't fall through. My keys and lip balm would have to go in my pocket. You could line it but then you'd lose all the expando-magic stretching that is knitting.

more later,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

tomato 1

This is the first bounty from the garden, tomato #1 and a "mess" o' green beans. Picked Saturday afternoon, eaten Saturday night. But first we had pictures:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There was also weed pulling. It is a very good year for weeds and I've neglected my garden for a couple weeks. I estimate I pulled about a wheel barrow full of weeds, though this is only an estimate as I pile the pullings here and there to become mulch/compost.

And we have pics of the progress on the mountain colors bearfoot sock:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And a close up of the heel:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The second heel is on hold until Tuesday. I'm going to demo afterthought heel picking up and my favorite decreases for same.

One more set of pics, details later. Knit from Sugar and Cream based on the bag from magknits:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And up close, right side
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and wrong side:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Or judging from the pics on magknits, the wrong side may be the right side. I guess it is the knitter’s choice.

more later,

Saturday, May 19, 2007

toe up pomatomus

Found a link (click here) that shows how another knitter, catduck did a toe-up pomatomus. And this when I was just about to decide to knit it top down so I didn't have to figure it out.

Actually I've also been thinking about starting with a provisional cast-on which is my imaginary post-toe point and just knitting in Pomatomus pattern. It will give me another adjustment point because there is no pattern writer's instruction to start the heel gusset (or whatever heel you decide to do) when you are at x inches point. Plus it will prevent the longer-sock-than-I-wish-it-was syndrome that Angeluna suffers with her Bauds.

There is flexibility is knitting a toe. You can drag it out and decrease less often than every other row if needed. Or if you need to, you can decrease faster, on every row, or 2 rows out of 3, and stop when there are 24 or 20 stitches (12 or 10 per needle). A few more toe rows or a few less toe rows matters naught. At least in my book.

In knitting news, I knit the after-thought heel last night on one of the Mountain Colors bearfoot socks. Pics later after I have a chance to get some outside, as otherwise it would look like a long dark thing, I'm afraid. I do like the bit of patterned knitting at the top. So one of my new rules is -- when you're tired of knitting stockinette on socks, knit something else. In the case of the bearfoot, it may all be obscured after a few washes, but it sure was more fun to knit.

more later,

Monday, May 14, 2007

toe up monkey progress

I've been charting and testing and have something closer to a toe up monkey. The top section is the new version over 56 stitches:

I've also charted it with a 16 stitch repeat over 64 stitches like the original monkey, and with an 18 stitch repeat over 72 stitches. The 18 stitch repeat could also be used to make a 54 stitch sock if one knitted just 3 repeats instead of 4. I have not test knit the 64 and 72 stitch versions. Anyone want to test knit one of them for me?

For another possibility, I am thinking about testing the Monkey chart as written, and just knitting it toe up and letting the "arrows" point the other way.

It's Tuesday tomorrow and that means it's knit night for the Sisters Of the Wool. And in a pattern that has almost become normal, storms are forecast. Let's hope they blow through by early evening. Or as Susan posted this evening, let's hope the bathroom at Starbucks is clean.

more later,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baudelaires are done

The Baudelaires are done and I wore them today.
(Everyone should get to wear new hand-knit socks for mother's day, don't you think?) This is a pic from yesterday afternoon when I had a chance to take a nice outdoors pic:

You may remember that I knit the Baudelaires with Jitterbug, and like most knitters who try Jitterbug, I had yarn nerves about whether I'd have enough. The cuffs come well up my leg (just measured at about 8.5 inches) and I have 14.2 grams of yarn left. Two cute little balls o' yarn.

I enjoyed knitting with Jitterbug and I enjoyed knitting Baudelaire, but if I knit Baudelaire, or a similarly textured pattern again, I'll choose a solid or semi-solid yarn to allow the pattern and texture to show better.

In continuing sock knitting, I've picked up my mountain colors barefoot socks that I worked on during my recent trip to San Francisco. I was knitting them is a plain stockinette but it was mind numbing. I know that whatever pattern I knit will be obscured, after a few washings, by the mohair content, but I decided to add some monkey pattern to the leg tops. I've been thinking and plotting what one could do to turn monkey upside down so that the pattern could be knit toe up but still look the same. Well, on the two socks I've knit two variations of what I thought would work, and I have nice looking socks but not the Monkey look I was going for. There will be additional testing but there will be no frogging.

To close for tonight, here is the button
from sugar bunny and a link to her post about knitting blocks to help rebuild Greensburg.

more later,

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rebuilding Greensburg block by block

This blog title is courtesy of Laura over at Sugar Bunny Boulevard [link] She is collecting 8" garter stitch squares to make an afghan for a family in Greensburg. She will make more than afghans for Greensburg families depending on how many squares she gets. I read about her project on Wendyknits and just had to make a square. Now. Setting aside my Baudelaires, I pulled some stash yarn and cast-on. My square is done:

I'll be sending this square to Laura next week, after I show it to my Sisters Of the Wool, and maybe collect some squares that they have knitted.

Tomorrow, we're back to the Baudelaire's, and knitting ribbing. Watch this space for finished Bauds soon.

more later,

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baudelaire KAL at Borders

The Baudelaires are getting around. My Sisters of the Wool tried out the new Borders and found the lack of muzak wonderful. Some soft music drifted in from the bookstore section but in the cafe, we only had to deal with occasional blender sounds. But for the most part we could talk to each other and hear each other. Hey, Starbucks, are you listening? The music is too loud.

We've had several new members join our yahoo group recently and one of our new members, Carrie, came out to knit. Hi, Carrie, and welcome to the group.

There were some young knitters in the cafe masquerading as coffee drinkers. They came over to meet us and want to come and knit with us. They were really excited to see all the socks and they want to learn to knit socks. They were two sisters and a friend. There was a guy too but I don't think he wants to knit with us ;-{

Here is the status of the Baudelaire KAL. Most of us are bringing two socks along roughly together, generally on separate needles. Two at a time saves us from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).
Baudelaires May 8 2007

more later,

Monday, May 07, 2007


I'm home. I'm tired from all the driving and staying up too late. There was some bad weather in Okla. with the weather guys on TV for several hours late into the evening showing where the tornadoes and bad storms and flooding etc. Then there is sleeping in a strange bed with storm sounds.

Mom is good. Much more with it than the last time. It's hard when she says "they say this room is permanent - what does permanent mean - I'm not staying here permanently..." I told her permanent means she doesn't have to keep changing rooms every few weeks... as she did when she first moved to this nursing home. From the hospital-ly wing to skilled nursing care to whatever to here. She uses a wheel chair now and is supposed to wheel herself around but she easily cons me into pushing her. And I'm easy, I guess, because I don't get to visit often. This morning, I got her to show me how she can walk. She's supposed to walk 25 feet per day and I'm no judge of distance but it seemed to me she walked 50 to 70 feet, with her walker and me bringing the wheel chair along behind in case she needed to sit.

My sis is doing her laundry so there is less risk of losing things and having things washed on hot with who knows what. You may have read in earlier posts about mom asking for socks. Dang she has two pair that I have knit for her and she never wears those or so it seems. Well, those two pair were at my sister's house because she was reluctant to write on them with a permanent marker and she was reluctant to risk losing one. Well, I'd rather mom have them to wear, so I sewed her name into them. I intended to do a duplicate type stitch but it didn't work out so well, so it looks somewhat like a kindergarten'er did the stitching.

And I was pleased to see one of the quilts I had given mom on her bed. And I didn't realize I had given her one without a label, so I embroidered her name on it too. Looked pretty good even though I was free handing it.

And then one more thing needed labeling. I was showing her my swallowtail shawl and her eyes just lit up. She wanted to try it on. Now the swallowtail is smallish as shawls go, and mom is big but it covered her shoulders and tied in the front. I knew she wanted it. Many of her new "friends" have knitted or crocheted shawls. So I told her she could keep it for the next month or so. I'll be back in June for a family reunion. But how to label it? I had my suitcase in the trunk, so I pulled the label out of a t-shirt, the biggest plainest label among my few choices, and wrote her name on it, (and I wrote hand-wash) and sewed it in the traditional label position.

There was progress on the baudelaire socks but there are no pictures. Somehow the camera stayed in my purse all weekend. It was overcast or raining most of the time. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The class was good but I think I was expecting more. I did meet some nice knitters and may visit some Norman or OKC knit nite's in the future. It's not cheating, my Sisters Of the Wool. I promise, I love you best.

It's knit nite tomorrow and we're trying the new Borders. I have heard that the coffee shop is not overly muzak'd.

more later,

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baudelaire goes to Oklahoma

Baudelaire is taking a little weekend trip later today. We're going to Edmond to visit mom then I'm doing a seamans scarf class with Myrna Stahman at swak in Guthrie. And we're staying at my sister's so we'll get some good late night visiting time.

Baudelaire #1 is ready for ribbing, probably, unless I decide to knit another chart repeat. I am convinced there is truly enough yarn in that skein of Jitterbug.

Baudelaire #2 is on the heel flap.

I do truly like this toe-up heel flap construction method and fit that is Cookie's Baudelaire.

Watch for pics of the adventure and a progressing baud on Monday,

Thursday, May 03, 2007

baudelaire KAL at Starbucks

It's Baudelaire knit-a-long for the Sisters Of the Wool.
Here we have an assortment of Bauds in various stages and all kinds of different yarns.

I got out my camera, everyone finished their row, all the socks lined up on the table, I prepared to take a picture and the camera said "disc missing" or some-such nonsense. I had forgotten to put the silly disc back in the camera. Grace to the rescue pulled out her camera and got this great picture for us. Lynn had already turned into a pumpkin so her sock is missing from the picture. Maybe next week we can get our pictures earlier in the evening.

more later,

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1 status

Four months into ’07 and the ufo pile is umm... growing.

Here are the lists:

Socks: total started or planned 13 complete 9
rpm socks done January
aqua kp cottony socks done January
brown mis-matched socks done February
Cat Bordhi smile socks frogged February
koigu socks done February
STR Fire on the Mountain socks done March
birthday cth socks done March (sock madness 1 entry)
Angela’s sm 1 socks done March
Sock Madness sock 2 done March
brown socks for dh ...wool gatto done April
Cat Bordhi lace socks
Mountain Colors barefoot socks knitted on during April
blue Regia socks two skein striped knitted on during April
. . . stalled, there is bad news, they aren't the same size
Baudelaire socks Jitterbug Sisters Of the Wool KAL started April 23

finished during April 2007 count 3
brown socks for dh ...wool gatto
Dulaan hat spiral rib

2007 Knitting status 5/1/07 Started: count 10
Cat Bordhi lace socks
blue Regia two skein stripe socks
knitty Grace
pink cotton sweater
MC barefoot socks
recycled silk bag
multidirectional scarf
red cotton sweater
rose varieg. Suri alpaca scarf
Cookie A sock baudelaire

The ufo count last month was 9. But it seems we're going the wrong direction. I finished 2 ufo projects, but started 4 more, finishing one of those.

For May, I plan to finish the baudelaires and MC barefoots. I also will likely knit another Dulaan hat. I have a class this weekend at swak so that will be another start: a seaman's scarf. One of those cotton sweaters is going to get some knitting time though I'm not targeting a finish. I've been doing some swatching with the malabrigo so I may bring it on-list.

It's knit nite tonight so I'm off to see my Sisters Of the Wool,