Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baudelaire KAL at Borders

The Baudelaires are getting around. My Sisters of the Wool tried out the new Borders and found the lack of muzak wonderful. Some soft music drifted in from the bookstore section but in the cafe, we only had to deal with occasional blender sounds. But for the most part we could talk to each other and hear each other. Hey, Starbucks, are you listening? The music is too loud.

We've had several new members join our yahoo group recently and one of our new members, Carrie, came out to knit. Hi, Carrie, and welcome to the group.

There were some young knitters in the cafe masquerading as coffee drinkers. They came over to meet us and want to come and knit with us. They were really excited to see all the socks and they want to learn to knit socks. They were two sisters and a friend. There was a guy too but I don't think he wants to knit with us ;-{

Here is the status of the Baudelaire KAL. Most of us are bringing two socks along roughly together, generally on separate needles. Two at a time saves us from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).
Baudelaires May 8 2007

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