Monday, May 07, 2007


I'm home. I'm tired from all the driving and staying up too late. There was some bad weather in Okla. with the weather guys on TV for several hours late into the evening showing where the tornadoes and bad storms and flooding etc. Then there is sleeping in a strange bed with storm sounds.

Mom is good. Much more with it than the last time. It's hard when she says "they say this room is permanent - what does permanent mean - I'm not staying here permanently..." I told her permanent means she doesn't have to keep changing rooms every few weeks... as she did when she first moved to this nursing home. From the hospital-ly wing to skilled nursing care to whatever to here. She uses a wheel chair now and is supposed to wheel herself around but she easily cons me into pushing her. And I'm easy, I guess, because I don't get to visit often. This morning, I got her to show me how she can walk. She's supposed to walk 25 feet per day and I'm no judge of distance but it seemed to me she walked 50 to 70 feet, with her walker and me bringing the wheel chair along behind in case she needed to sit.

My sis is doing her laundry so there is less risk of losing things and having things washed on hot with who knows what. You may have read in earlier posts about mom asking for socks. Dang she has two pair that I have knit for her and she never wears those or so it seems. Well, those two pair were at my sister's house because she was reluctant to write on them with a permanent marker and she was reluctant to risk losing one. Well, I'd rather mom have them to wear, so I sewed her name into them. I intended to do a duplicate type stitch but it didn't work out so well, so it looks somewhat like a kindergarten'er did the stitching.

And I was pleased to see one of the quilts I had given mom on her bed. And I didn't realize I had given her one without a label, so I embroidered her name on it too. Looked pretty good even though I was free handing it.

And then one more thing needed labeling. I was showing her my swallowtail shawl and her eyes just lit up. She wanted to try it on. Now the swallowtail is smallish as shawls go, and mom is big but it covered her shoulders and tied in the front. I knew she wanted it. Many of her new "friends" have knitted or crocheted shawls. So I told her she could keep it for the next month or so. I'll be back in June for a family reunion. But how to label it? I had my suitcase in the trunk, so I pulled the label out of a t-shirt, the biggest plainest label among my few choices, and wrote her name on it, (and I wrote hand-wash) and sewed it in the traditional label position.

There was progress on the baudelaire socks but there are no pictures. Somehow the camera stayed in my purse all weekend. It was overcast or raining most of the time. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The class was good but I think I was expecting more. I did meet some nice knitters and may visit some Norman or OKC knit nite's in the future. It's not cheating, my Sisters Of the Wool. I promise, I love you best.

It's knit nite tomorrow and we're trying the new Borders. I have heard that the coffee shop is not overly muzak'd.

more later,


Anonymous Angeluna said...

Jeri, Glad to have you back and to have the report on your mother. You are a better person than I think I would be to release your Swallowtail into that environment. I guess I just had too much experience with things disappearing in nursing homes. And sweet of your sister to try to protect the handmade things.

5/08/2007 4:00 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

It is nice to hear about your Mom. I hope that my children take good care of me like that when I get older!

5/09/2007 3:55 PM


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