Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1 status

Four months into ’07 and the ufo pile is umm... growing.

Here are the lists:

Socks: total started or planned 13 complete 9
rpm socks done January
aqua kp cottony socks done January
brown mis-matched socks done February
Cat Bordhi smile socks frogged February
koigu socks done February
STR Fire on the Mountain socks done March
birthday cth socks done March (sock madness 1 entry)
Angela’s sm 1 socks done March
Sock Madness sock 2 done March
brown socks for dh ...wool gatto done April
Cat Bordhi lace socks
Mountain Colors barefoot socks knitted on during April
blue Regia socks two skein striped knitted on during April
. . . stalled, there is bad news, they aren't the same size
Baudelaire socks Jitterbug Sisters Of the Wool KAL started April 23

finished during April 2007 count 3
brown socks for dh ...wool gatto
Dulaan hat spiral rib

2007 Knitting status 5/1/07 Started: count 10
Cat Bordhi lace socks
blue Regia two skein stripe socks
knitty Grace
pink cotton sweater
MC barefoot socks
recycled silk bag
multidirectional scarf
red cotton sweater
rose varieg. Suri alpaca scarf
Cookie A sock baudelaire

The ufo count last month was 9. But it seems we're going the wrong direction. I finished 2 ufo projects, but started 4 more, finishing one of those.

For May, I plan to finish the baudelaires and MC barefoots. I also will likely knit another Dulaan hat. I have a class this weekend at swak so that will be another start: a seaman's scarf. One of those cotton sweaters is going to get some knitting time though I'm not targeting a finish. I've been doing some swatching with the malabrigo so I may bring it on-list.

It's knit nite tonight so I'm off to see my Sisters Of the Wool,



Anonymous Angeluna said...

This sister of the Wool wants to thank you for all your clever assistance with Monsieur Baudelaire tonight! Much appreciated.

5/02/2007 3:43 AM


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