Monday, April 30, 2007

Baudelaire 2

There is progress on Baudelaire. Sock 1 is well up the leg and has gone on hold, with the sockyarn divided in half, by weight, while I knit Baudelaire sock 2 which is at 52 stitches on the toe. It seems there will be plenty of this Jitterbug for two socks with decent leg lengths.

A progress shot:
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In other knitting, like early Saturday, and at the farm Saturday before many customers got there, and in the car on the way to dinner, and on a break Sunday morning at church after bell practice and before the service... we have a hat for the Dulaan project. [click here for a link]

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And it looks good inside out too, so we could say it's reversible:
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For this years donations, for items to be taken to Mongolia during 2007, items need to be received in Flagstaff, AZ by July 1. So it's warm winter knitting time, as we warm up in Texas. For me, hats are a great way to bust some stash. I can use half balls of leftover yarn. I tend to do hats double stranded (found a size 8 addi circ 16" I didn't know I had that works great with double strands of worsted) for a warm warm hat that works up quick.

This hat had a 68 cast-on but decided it wanted to be k3 p2 swirling rib so there were 3 k2tog's in the first row to get down to 65. After the ribbing, I shifted the rib over by one stitch every 4 rows. Fairly standard crown decreases, in pattern, until the pattern got lost.

Tune in tomorrow for my May 1 status report, but now it's time to dig up some escaped bamboo, so... more later,

p.s. sometime in the last couple of days we've passed 8000 views. Thanks for reading me.


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