Thursday, May 03, 2007

baudelaire KAL at Starbucks

It's Baudelaire knit-a-long for the Sisters Of the Wool.
Here we have an assortment of Bauds in various stages and all kinds of different yarns.

I got out my camera, everyone finished their row, all the socks lined up on the table, I prepared to take a picture and the camera said "disc missing" or some-such nonsense. I had forgotten to put the silly disc back in the camera. Grace to the rescue pulled out her camera and got this great picture for us. Lynn had already turned into a pumpkin so her sock is missing from the picture. Maybe next week we can get our pictures earlier in the evening.

more later,

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Blogger Lynn said...

Hi there, temporarily not-a-pumpkin but fading fast as usual. And my sock would have been the only non-Baude in the herd.

Good picture, proving that socks [as well as Grace] rock around here.

Babbling. Must go sleeeeeeep.

5/03/2007 9:39 PM


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