Saturday, May 19, 2007

toe up pomatomus

Found a link (click here) that shows how another knitter, catduck did a toe-up pomatomus. And this when I was just about to decide to knit it top down so I didn't have to figure it out.

Actually I've also been thinking about starting with a provisional cast-on which is my imaginary post-toe point and just knitting in Pomatomus pattern. It will give me another adjustment point because there is no pattern writer's instruction to start the heel gusset (or whatever heel you decide to do) when you are at x inches point. Plus it will prevent the longer-sock-than-I-wish-it-was syndrome that Angeluna suffers with her Bauds.

There is flexibility is knitting a toe. You can drag it out and decrease less often than every other row if needed. Or if you need to, you can decrease faster, on every row, or 2 rows out of 3, and stop when there are 24 or 20 stitches (12 or 10 per needle). A few more toe rows or a few less toe rows matters naught. At least in my book.

In knitting news, I knit the after-thought heel last night on one of the Mountain Colors bearfoot socks. Pics later after I have a chance to get some outside, as otherwise it would look like a long dark thing, I'm afraid. I do like the bit of patterned knitting at the top. So one of my new rules is -- when you're tired of knitting stockinette on socks, knit something else. In the case of the bearfoot, it may all be obscured after a few washes, but it sure was more fun to knit.

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