Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baudelaires are done

The Baudelaires are done and I wore them today.
(Everyone should get to wear new hand-knit socks for mother's day, don't you think?) This is a pic from yesterday afternoon when I had a chance to take a nice outdoors pic:

You may remember that I knit the Baudelaires with Jitterbug, and like most knitters who try Jitterbug, I had yarn nerves about whether I'd have enough. The cuffs come well up my leg (just measured at about 8.5 inches) and I have 14.2 grams of yarn left. Two cute little balls o' yarn.

I enjoyed knitting with Jitterbug and I enjoyed knitting Baudelaire, but if I knit Baudelaire, or a similarly textured pattern again, I'll choose a solid or semi-solid yarn to allow the pattern and texture to show better.

In continuing sock knitting, I've picked up my mountain colors barefoot socks that I worked on during my recent trip to San Francisco. I was knitting them is a plain stockinette but it was mind numbing. I know that whatever pattern I knit will be obscured, after a few washings, by the mohair content, but I decided to add some monkey pattern to the leg tops. I've been thinking and plotting what one could do to turn monkey upside down so that the pattern could be knit toe up but still look the same. Well, on the two socks I've knit two variations of what I thought would work, and I have nice looking socks but not the Monkey look I was going for. There will be additional testing but there will be no frogging.

To close for tonight, here is the button
from sugar bunny and a link to her post about knitting blocks to help rebuild Greensburg.

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Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Your socks are very pretty!

Have a great week.

5/14/2007 10:14 AM


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