Sunday, May 27, 2007

my first spindle spinning... or ode to Judi

Judi, you may be my new best friend. At least my best spinner friend.

To fill in the rest of you, we had a special knit nite today. I know, I know, today isn't Tuesday and today wasn't a night but txknitter said something like, "it's my vacation and I'll knit if I want to -- anybody want to come and knit with me?", and some of us said yes, so there was a special meeting of the Sisters Of the Wool on a Sunday afternoon.

There was some list talk about spinning and new member Carrie said something about spinning lessons, and new member, Judi said "I'll help you", and it turned into our first meeting with spinning wheels. And spindles. And wool fiber. I wasn't paying attention to the non-knitters in the Border's coffee shop but I understand we caused something of a spectacle.

Back to the spinning... I watched Carrie spin. And I watched Judi help Carrie. And I watched Judi spin. She said it was lace weight alpaca but it looked very fine, almost like cobweb to me, and perfectly even. And Judi demonstrated drop spindling. And best of all, she brought drop spindles with fiber to loan to Angeluna. She asked if I wanted to try it and I eagerly said yes. Oh yes.

So I came home, and started trying to spin. Had to stop for dinner. [The maple man had been to the grocery store while time got away from me at knitting.] I had recently borrowed Shannon Okey's Spin to Knit from the library. So there was some reading during dinner. And some internet research. Then more spinning. And we have our first bit of yarn:

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And up close:

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It's blue faced leicester. I spun blue faced leicester. On a side note, I just had to scratch my back and found tufts of drafted fiber on the back of my shirt. One of the hazards?

I am a little worried about taking the yarn off of the spindle, like maybe it'll come all unspun. Then there is the plying that I've heard of... And there are z-twists and s-twists and I'm not sure which mine is. But I'm guessing I'll figure it out. Or I'll ask Judi. My new best spinner friend.

In knitting news, there is a good ole' garter square, knit with sugar 'n cream (soft teal) on size 6us clover bamboo straights:

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The cast on was 36.

It is a sample for a knitting class I'm getting ready to teach. Smaller than a scarf, much smaller, but something useful that a new knitter can make while practicing the knit stitch. I have another garter goodie in the works.

more later,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't let any grass grow under your feet. Way to go.

5/27/2007 9:53 PM

Anonymous Stitch Stud said...

Yeah! Another knitting teacher spreading the art!!

5/28/2007 12:10 AM

Anonymous Angeluna said...

Jeez Jeri! I came home, answered a bunch of e-mails, planted a couple of plants, cleaned the birdfeeder, knit a bit, well one motif on Monkey 2, check your blog and holy cow, you've already spun a bunch of BFL. I haven't even unpacked my knitting bag. Well, I knew this would be a bad week, so I may not start even trying to spin until next week. You'll have plied yarn and be half way through your fist handspun sweater by then. I'm quite pleased to see it can be done.

5/28/2007 2:26 AM

Blogger Lynn said...

I will have to dig through my FO archives and bring the sweater that I made for Middlest when she was four. I had recently discovered EZ, and the grey of this handspun just matched her eyes.

Yes, flying fiber is an occupational hazard, and spinning wool in the grease is a good antidote to all the hand-washing that's necessary when you have dairy goats.

I've never spun blue-faced leicester. I wonder if I can get in touch with the woman I sold my wheel to when I moved to the Hill Country in 1991, to see if she's ever used it. If I can't buy it back from her, then I guess I know what I'll be doing with next year's bonus.

Oh *man*, I was afraid of this when I started knitting with y'all last year. :)

5/28/2007 10:01 AM


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