Thursday, January 03, 2008

What was lost is found

The maple man's hat has been lost. The hat I knit for him this year with yarn purchased specially for his hat. Not this and that, scraps and leftovers, like many hats this year have been knit with. This was Lorna's Laces worsted. Vacation trip yarn.

I was not pleased. (This displeasure was compounded by the fact that he needed a new hat because he felted last year's hat. This year's hat is superwash.)

He called me yesterday at the office. He was so happy. He had found his hat. When I got home, he presented me with the hat he found in the fire dragons (I should find the TM symbol, the Fire Dragon is a special shantung maple with red fall color that he patented last year [link]). The found hat was some green acrylic hat I had knit, probably quite a few years ago. I guess it has been out in a field of trees for maybe two or three years. I told him that that was not the hat he had lost. I tried to describe the red variegated color of the lost hat. He did not remember. I had to go find the little hat I had knit with the leftovers. Then, at least, he knew what he was looking for.

Today there was another hat find. The right hat. It was found in some bag behind the seat of his truck. He says it is warm. He says it is long enough to fold up. I said, "yes, you ask for extra length. Of course, it's warm, it's wool."

And it's a good thing. He was at risk of a fate no knitter's husband should face. Store bought hats.


Blogger Edie said...

woo-hoo! That is great news! Thanks again for helping with the yarn the other night. I really appreciate it.

1/03/2008 11:17 PM

Blogger bookgrump said...

I'm so glad that he found it. I can't believe that he found another hat that he'd lost. How funny! (Don't be too shocked that he couldn't remember the color. Most men care about color only to the extent that they're not expected to wear pink or other "girlie" colors!)

1/04/2008 7:35 AM

Blogger aisling said...

When we move I'm buyin' one of those fire dragons. L o v e. Anyway, to my real point, YAY for found hats ;) I wonder if my dad found his misplaced hat yet? He needs it, his head gets cold. He wears the scarf, like, all the time. In the house. Doesn't take it off at church. etc. Aww

1/04/2008 11:03 AM

Blogger AR said...

Yay! I hate it when handknits get lost. My oldest son has lost a couple, and one was stolen. He is on handknit hat time out.

1/27/2008 12:26 PM

Blogger Christy B. said...

Glad he found his hat. My hubby loses his all the time. I think I'll threaten him with WalMart bought hats!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and entering the contest

2/06/2008 7:17 PM


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