Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1 status

I did so want to have a finished Irish Moss to report for December 1. But if you've read my recent post I had to frog back the neckline shaping and knit another inch. But stay tuned for updates leading to a completion. Soon. Surely...

finished during November 2007
5 hats
no socks
The sock total for 2007 remains 14 pairs

For December knitting, I plan to complete Irish Moss.
I'd like to complete Mom's sweater so I don't have to gift her an incomplete sweater then take it back to knit...
Maybe more Christmas gift hats.
Then back to some moi knitting.

My spreadsheet of projects has been neglected recently. I'll try to get it updated for a complete report at the end of the year. I may use ravelry to track projects in '08. I do some ravelry but have to limit myself so it doesn't become a black hole for time when I could have been knitting or spinning. I'm patternwhisperer on ravelry if you want to be my friend.



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