Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 1

I am losing it. Not sure how this happened. I told the maple man that he may need to check me in to the funny farm. I know how to make pies. I became the official pie maker in my family, when I was 13 or 14, in self-defense. My mom made really bad pie crust. She tried. Really she did. It just never came out flaky and tender. Sometimes tough. Sometimes doughy. Sometimes burned. But I digress...

Today is Thanksgiving. We must have pie. Pecan pie. Some of you might say pumpkin pie but around here, if there is one pie that is mandatory, it is pecan. Last night, I didn't have bell practice so I went to an extra knit night. The maple man thought the knitters should be home making pies or thawing turkeys but I had different ideas.

So, I'm making pie this morning. I make crust from a recipe in my head. Roughly, per crust, 1 cup flour, 1/3 cup crisco, some salt, and water to moisten, with minimal mixing. [The trick is to measure the crisco by displacement in ice water. Now you know all my secrets...]

Sooo I commence to make the crust. I measure 2/3 cup of Crisco. 2 cups of flour (can you see where we're going with this?) Mix the crust. Divide in half and roll out (with the one-handled rolling pin I inherited when my mom moved in with my brother... The story goes that Grandma Shorty broke off the other handle on grandpa's head.) I put the crust in the pie pan. And then I started to wonder what I was thinking. A pecan pie is a one-crust pie. What is that other crust for???

The pie is in the oven. The other crust is in the freezer.


Blogger aisling said...

A Pecan Pie for the Christmas party at R's house next month??? And you don't even have to do the crust again. I don't eat Pecan pies, but my in-laws are from New Orleans so they are a must for them & we have some leftovers in the fridge for my husband, and my dad most likely :)

11/23/2007 2:11 AM


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