Sunday, November 11, 2007

dog time

We changed the clocks a week ago. It's time to "fall back" but on my first effort to reset the microwave clock, I went a hour the wrong way. The maple man understood the time change more clearly than I did and I reset again. I've only been resetting twice a year for mumble mumble many years but I guess I was confused.

About 4:00 last Sunday afternoon last week, the dog's were acting hungry earlier than the time they usually eat. The maple man understood that they don't go by clocks and their tummies were telling them it was time for dinner. I also declared that my tummy said it was time for dinner.

All week, I've been waking up early. Before the time on the clock when I usually get up. And I've been getting yawn-y and sleepy earlier than my usual bedtime.
Add to this time confusion that things have been crazy at work and I've been staying later than usual.

And one more problem with time changes, it's dark when I get home from work, or at least the good light is gone. Which makes problems for blog pictures... I think I took some at the farm yesterday but they're still in the camera... Maybe later?
My tummy says it's time for dinner.



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