Sunday, November 04, 2007

library books

I really enjoy library books. Recently most of my choices have been of the knitting and spinning persuasion. I get to read newer books before I make a buy decision, and out-of-print books that are not available except at astronomical prices and also the oldie-goodies. My local library has a program that allows me to have a library card also from the close-by larger library systems so I can check out their books too. I can also borrow from farther-away larger library systems but I'm not so interested in driving an hour or two to a library. In any case...

I currently have these books checked out:

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This is an excellent book. Currently out of print but I understand it's being re-published. I'll be one of the first in line. Even though she expresses a preference for throwing over continental, and seaming over in-the-round. And she doesn't call my favorite long tail cast-on by the name we know and love, long tail cast-on.

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An excellent resource for natural dyeing. Also out of print but there are some reasonably priced copies for sale used. I'll be adding this one to my personal library.

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Focused on sweater patterns knit from handspun. A bit too cookbook-y for me, so I'll just enjoy the library's copy for a couple of weeks.



Blogger AR said...

I love the library! Especially when you can get knitting books. That natural dyeing book looks mighty interesting.

Our library has a system that borrows books from other libraries for you, if they don't have them. I've gotten some knitting and dyeing books from libraries that are 5 hours away. They send them, though, cuz I surely wouldn't drive to get 'em.

11/04/2007 7:21 AM


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