Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scott's hat

It turned off cold here over the last week or so. In these parts, we call it cold when lows are in the 40's. There's a young guy named Scott who's been helping out at the maple farm. I sent this hat to the farm and I hear that Scott likes it. And I hear that he get's lots of compliments when he wears it around.

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It is knit with three strands held together throughout, generally, except when there are two. Generally worsted, except when there were lighter or heavier yarns in the bag. Mostly stockinette with a couple rows of seed stitch at the bottom to prevent curling. I think the needle was a size 9us 16" circ. I don't remember the cast-on number but I'll borrow it back some Saturday and count.

I made this hat during the summer, to stash bust some odds and ends, without an intended recipient. I'm happy it has a head to warm.



Blogger AR said...

hehe, that's how patterns I write sound. It looks really nice!

10/31/2007 8:05 AM


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