Friday, November 23, 2007

On the day after Thanksgiving...

I usually go shopping. I didn't do the mall. And didn't go for the 4 a.m. openings or the 5 a.m. openings. But I did do Office Depot. At 5:45 a.m. And got a new laptop. And it is a pain in the patooey to move over files. Especially the maple man's collection of pictures. Many of which are more than 4 meg each... Good thing I also got a big external hard drive. And it's a good thing, this struggling computer did not give up the ghost before I finally got around to upgrading. So far, vista is fine. And plenty of memory is good. Now about those rebate forms...

Then to Simpatico [link] for the sale. I got LOTS of fiber. A bag full of mostly red (with some black and white) that is a mill end roving from brown sheep. Probably wool with a low percent of mohair. Some lady from California was there last week and bought all the black and brown and all of the punta top. Also I got a couple of ounces of colored cotton for when I feel up to trying cotton. And a bit of yarn. Who could resist hempathy for 70% off? Before you rush right up there, I got the last of it. But there are were some good deals left, when I left. I think the sale is still on tomorrow.


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