Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 plans

No resolutions, just plans...

I plan to knit some yarn and spin some fiber.

I just did a major lys sale buy. How could I help myself when a yarn store is moving and selling at crazy prices? So I plan to mostly knit from stash...

Some of my knitting plans:
finish knitty grace -- this project has languished in the ufo list for tooo long

finish the pink cotton cable-y sweater and find somebody who fits it

finish the malabrigo wrap -- this one was set aside in favor of knitting sweaters for the maple man and for mom... Sweater season is over, at least for others, and for the time being.

knit some socks -- Here are some socks that are on the needles:
handspun spunky grand opening color socks -- my first socks from my homespun. Both socks are knit to just up over the heel, with scrap yarns in place for afterthought heels. I have to spin more yarn. My spinning wheel has been neglected during sweater season. (see above)
pinky funny rib socks -- I think the pattern is from favorite socks (and I need to look it up.) I liked the way Joy's socks by this pattern looked better than I like knitting mine. Seems like I have to pay attention to the chart and it's not becoming imbedded in my brain.
ribby socks that started out as hedgerow socks but the yarn doesn't really work with the pattern... So they have a few chart repeats of hedgerow at the top and then k2p2k1p1 ribbing
I want to knit Eunny's endpaper mitts [link]. They've been in my ravelry queue for the longest.
I want to knit Rosemary's wendelins [link] and Brenda's Brother Amos [link].
Some sock patterns I've knit before that I may knit again are monkey and rpm, both from knitty, since mine are gone (gifted). And loksins [link].
I plan to knit socks for birthday gifts for my sis and sil. (I could keep this a secret but since I made them both do a major try on of my socks and "pick a sock yarn", I'm guessing they have some ideas...)
the cat lacey double stranded socks [pattern from a vogue knitting during 2006] will be up for evaluation, to frog or to finish, that is the question.

And I plan to figure out what else is hibernating. And needs to be finished. Or frogged...

I plan to spin some. I'm not going to say every day because that won't happen. But at least every other day. I've joined naspimomo [link] and the naspimomo ravelry group. [Gotta love ravelry. If you're a knitter and you're not on ravelry, head right over and sign up. I'll wait. I've entered most of my yarn stash and next comes cataloging projects. I plan to enter new projects as I work on them, and catch up past projects during the year.]

There's quite a bit of fiber accumulated during the last few months since I've started spinning. After I spin some down, and if I keep spinning and liking spinning, I plan to join Spunky's monthly fiber club [link].


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