Tuesday, January 23, 2007

knit 1 frog 1

Another ufo dragged to the FO world:

I tracked back on my blog to find that I started it last July. There are links there to the pattern on the knitting nonsense website. And records there of the yarn, Peaches & Creme Potpourri 178 (dl 7325), which is a good thing because there is no longer a ball band with the yarn. Blogs are good for knitting records.

And one frogged project. That gets it out of the in-process count, in my book:

This is Koigu kpppm P714 V00223-02 (I don't know which code is the color and which is the dye lot, no matter. I have two balls which will make two socks... but I digress...).

A toe was knit. And few (very few) rows of foot. I don't know what the pattern was. It didn't fit. It is no more. After finishing another wip or two, it will be re cast on and in-the-knitting again.

It's knit night tonight so, more later,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like that beestitch cloth. I've done one, too.

1/27/2007 11:34 AM


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