Sunday, January 21, 2007

knitting du jour -- rpm

Next on the needles, or should I say next to have my hands on their needles, is the rpm sock:

and closer, showing the scrap yarn where the heel will go (I wasn't in a heely mood). I'm doing an afterthought heel over 29 stitches (sock CO was 53):

One sock is just past the heel yarn, waiting on dpns (Crystal Palace 1s) The other sock is a couple inches past the heel yarn. On knitpicks options circs size 1, which is really a 1.5, like the Addi 1.

And my method for knitting the instep, a chart.
Following the chart, I'm letting each "row" of purls "burn out" and starting no more. Pic tomorrow of how that works.

I know this does not agree with the original pattern, which is at this point, for me, the inspiration that started this sock.

These socks were number 6 on the sock list from my post on Jan 5. Based on a blog post last year, I started these on July 5 back when the knitty extremities issue came out. So, I guess it is time they had a chance to get knitted. And finished. I'm counting on you to keep me honest.

There are some good rpm pattern whispers in the July post if you haven't been reading me for long.

In other knitting news, I've been reading my new Nancy Bush vintage socks book. There are lots of socks in there I might try. Or take inspiration from. And lots of new flavors of heels and toes. I may have to make some stitch count adjustments to fit me and the yarn I may choose to use to knit them. And I'll try to knit with stash yarn as far as I can. But I thought I'd check for errata before starting any projects from the book. And there is some, though I had a little trouble finding it because they don't call it errata over at interweave. They call it corrections. There are only two patts with minor issues. For the record, it is at:

more later,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the errata/corrections. I'm closing in on the toe on LittleBit's second Hateful Purple Sock. Also from the book. No discernible errors in that pattern [Madder, p. 24] but a couple of niggly tweakings I did while working on them that I'll note on my post when I finish this sock and drag the pair over to Secondborn's for their closeup.

1/21/2007 7:20 PM

Anonymous Ali said...

I love your rpm socks! And your pattern modification makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

I just may have to make a list of socks I'd like to knit, and add these in somewhere.

1/22/2007 8:47 AM


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