Friday, January 05, 2007

First FO of 2007 -- premie hat

Well, there has been a slight delay in knitting from the list (to follow). A co-worker and his wife have a new baby, born several weeks early at about 4 pounds with a tiny 12 1/4 inch head. So Katie-Faye needed a hat, wouldn't you agree?

Made from leftover sock yarn (KP, a pink-plus color they don't sell anymore) double stranded with "white" dye-yur-own sock yarn (also KP).

Cast-on was 60 on size 5(US) dpns with a fairly standard hat pattern. k2p2 rib for a while (a short while for this hat about 1 1/4 inches, then stockinette for a while (to 3 1/4 total) then decreases via ssk just after 7 decrease points. I know, 60 is not divisible by 7 so the decreases started at 4 decrease points (of the 7) to bring the total to 56. Decrease every other round to 28 then every round, to 7 stitches then pull the tail through. One evening of knitting.

I've been listing projects. And counting. And there are a bunch of them. 15 projects carried forward into 2007. 19 projects total in the started category. Those 4 (19 less 15) might have technically started in 2006, but in the last week when I had mentally already changed over to 2007. Hey, it's my list...

Anyways, here you are, for all the world to see, together with an estimated percent complete:
1 Crystal Cove pullover 55%
2 EZ ribwarmer vest CTH twister 66%
3 red scarf 45%
4 bubble wrap hat 20%
5 shetland scarf 40%
6 rpm socks 20%
7 cat bordhi lace socks (fromVogue mag) 30%
8 brown socks (wool gatto) 24% (from 2005, for dh)
9 aqua dancing (KP) socks 90% (also from 2005, another bind-off issue)
10 knitty grace 40%
11 pink cotton sweater 70% (this one is from 2005 and has a yarn h@#$ attitude)
12 cat bordhi smile socks 25% (to document then frog)
13 koigu socks 5% (one toe is done and it's too big, this will be frogged and reknit)
14 multi-color cotton warshrag 60% (this one confuses me as to which row I just finished. I will figure it out one more time and finish it)
15 lace shawl 2%
16 brown mis-matched socks 45% (not sure about frogging or not here, still in time-out)
17 baby albert 50%
18 cotton shrug 90% (binding is too tight, has to be un-bound then re-bound-off)
19 recycled silk bag 40%

My plan for 2007 is to finish (or frog) most of these.

There's more on the list. Things I want to make, and have substantially all of the yarn for. We'll save these for another day's blog.

more later,


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