Thursday, October 19, 2006

sock update -- with pics

My river rapids socks with Lisa Souza sock yarn (links in earlier posts to the sockbug and Lisa Souza). Down to the toes and ready to kitchener or three needle bind-off. I haven't decided which one and I haven't been in the mood. Anybody else have to be in the mood to kitchener?

And the lovely koigu. I DO like this yarn. This is sock #1 up to the ankle. Probably. I'm more of a top-down sock knitter. This is not my first foray into toe-up but let's just say I have limited experience in knowing when to do the heel for toe-up. Let's also say I've been known to cheat and knit middle up and middle down so I can be sure I get the toe where it should be. (Is that cheating?) But since these socks aren't for me, I can't be sure anyway.

If you look close above, you'll see some shiny brass pins on the little knittin' nubbin' that is sock #2. My first venture into Japanese short rows. Now you might ask about sock # 1. Aren't you doing the toes the same, you might ask. Well, not exactly. Sock #1 has a short row toe also, but of the yo variety. So, I'm not sure anyone but a knitter, who is a short-row variation expert, would know the difference. And she would have to have the foot wearing this sock (not sayin' who's foot) pretty close for examination. So I'm not worried about it. Here are some pics of that toe, close up, just a row or two into "picking up the wraps" or whatever you call it with Japanese short rows.

The back side then the front side. Aren't they cute? I didn't argue with the pins about which side they wanted to lay on. And it turned out that it didn't matter.

And I do like Japanese short rows. The jury is still out but I'm wondering if a second pin is needed, like that second wrap or second yo. During the picking up process. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Or more importantly, does anyone know the answer?

And a closeup of some good koiguey sock. I think I'll try some natural light for another picture. Another day.

more later, my knitting is calling me,



Blogger AR said...

Pretty socks! I like to do the kitchener, so I guess I'm always in the mood. Hehe

10/20/2006 7:59 AM


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