Saturday, October 07, 2006

YO heels

The river rapids socks are coming along.

Sock 1 has turned the heel. I'm doing a short row heel which I have done a couple of times before, but this time with a yo instead of a wrap. This method is usually attributed to Pricilla Gibson Roberts. In my lap during the heel was my copy of Ann Budd's article from Interweave Knits for baby socks. The article was published half in the magazine in summer 2005 and half on the web so the web half is available to you if you did not buy the magazine, or you're not sure where you've "filed" (or piled) it.

In this technique, there are yarn overs and backwards yarn overs and neither seem natural to me, at least not yet. So every time I started a row, I had to look at the diagram at the bottom of page 2. And there are sssp, which involves purling 3 through the back loop. Now this sock is on size 1s and this is sock yarn and this sock yarn is dark, and I don't much like purling through the back loop, so a crochet hook was pressed into duty at that point in the process. Perhaps for some of you who may be knitting purists, this is cheating. Oh well, for me, it worked.

I think sock 2 will get it's heel later today, so it has a chance of looking something like heel 1.

We have a new achievement to report. We have passed the 3000 mark. Thanks to all of my readers.

more later,


Blogger AR said...

Yay 3000!

10/07/2006 1:26 PM

Anonymous Angeluna said...

Crochet hook cheating? I say, whatever it takes to get the job done. Any reason you are trying still another heel???

10/08/2006 4:28 AM


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