Thursday, October 05, 2006

STS pics plus

Here she is, the Swallow Tail shawl laying out on the tables at Starbucks at knit night:

Sorry, I missed the tips. They're nice too.

And in other knitting news I worked out the decreases on dd's hood. If you recall from my RS (right side) rant, in the post below, the pattern had a shortcoming in their directions for the row leading into the decreases at the top of the hood. I did some swatching/experimentation with a scrap of plain wool knitting up a few rows in the same rib pattern as the hood and did the decreases in the way I think they should have written the pattern with the k3tog on the right side and it worked well enough but then I tried symetrical decreases with sssk on one side and k3tog on the other and I like it better so that's what I went with. The sssk, in this example is, three stitches before the center line (where the orange marker is, in the pic), slip one as if to knit, slip the next as if to purl, slip the next as if to purl, then knit all three through the back loop. Then just after the center line k2tog. Here it is. Not sure how clearly the pic will show the details but...

And in other knitting news, I've joined Socktoberfest. For my first socky event, I have picked up some socks from earlier in the summer. Sockbug's river rapids socks in Lisa Souza's Sock! yarn in the Wild Things colorway. This is great yarn by the way, at a good price. And her shipping is reasonable. I have knit another repeat of the chart on both, and they are ready for the heel.

Yes, there is a variety of needles in this sock game, all size US1.

more later, j


Blogger Mindy said...

STS is beyond gorgeous. Truly lovely.

10/06/2006 7:37 AM

Blogger AR said...

Your knitting all looks so great!

10/06/2006 10:41 AM

Anonymous Kirsten said...

Your Swallowtail Shawl is lovely. I really like the size you ended up with. Mine is just a tad small for my tastes. It was a good idea to add the extra lily of the valley repeat.
Your River Rapids socks are also coming out really nicely. I made that pattern about a year ago, and really like it.

10/09/2006 10:34 AM


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