Saturday, August 19, 2006

five balls

Yes, for those of you who have been following along, we skipped right by ball 4. I did pause for a pic after knitting ball 4 then pulled out another ball and knit a few more rows. Next thing I knew, I'm up too late, finishing ball 5, well, except for about 4 yards (the bit of yarn you see at the upper right). The other yarns you see sticking out here and there show where each ball knitted to. So now the back is finished. Yea!!

Tomorrow I'm moving on to the sleeves. I have to ponder the pocket placement and construction so I'm not up to knitting the fronts just yet. Well, I may do the ribbing and a few inches of stockin. up to the pocket point, then put the front(s) on hold.

Extrapolating, if the fronts take 3 balls each, which is generous since a front is basically half a back, and the sleeves take 2 balls each, then maybe a ball or two for the hood, and a ball for the belt, I have plenty of yarn. [I started with 22. 21 as called for in the pattern, plus a spare.]

more later,



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