Saturday, August 05, 2006

the shrug back ip

blogger is cooperating this morning so I added pics of the triangle fronts to the post from last night.

Here is the yarn we're working with:

I think this truly will be a fast knit, as I'm getting 2.5 spi on 13s.

I'm working on the back just now. I cast-on 40 (on US15s), then knit a row (on US13s) and purled back. The increase pattern as written looks reasonable so I'm going with it. Except for where I'm putting the increases. I might have done left and right leaning increases but with this yarn, I don't think you would see it, so I'm going with kfb. My increase rows look like: k1 kfb knit-a-bunch (until there are three stitches left (yes three)) kfb k2 . This makes the little bar that you see from the increases, if you could see it, two stitches in from each edge. I do the increase row every six rows, that is increase row, purl back, knit a row, purl back, knit a row, purl back. Then start the increase row-set over.

I do a yarn marker (this one is red) to show me where I'm at in the increase row set:

When I do the increase row, the marker is placed after the first stitch. Then purl back, and I haven't "passed" (or knitted-by) the marker so it stays in place. One the next knit row, as I pass the marker, it moves over two (one for the purl row, and one for the knit row I'm working on) so it's now after the third stitch. It tells me, in case I put down my knitting, that I'm on the third row of the increase-row-set. Then on the next knit row, it moves over two again (to the position after stitch 5). Then the next knit row is an increase row. In the pic, the orange yarn is laid-in at the increase positions, so I (and you) can see where the increases are. Not that it matters, but if I should forget whether I've repeated the increase sequence three times, it would tell me.

more later,

ip means in-process, to me, at least


Blogger AR said...

OOh! Can't wait to see the finished shrug!!

8/05/2006 10:59 AM

Anonymous Angeluna said...

Wow J, thanks for another extremely clever tip! Glad to see you are off and running with this one. Expect finished photos by tomorrow night, knowing you.

8/05/2006 1:58 PM


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