Saturday, July 22, 2006

yarn nerves

Sometimes, despite our calculations, we wonder if there is enough yarn. Perhaps the proprietor at the lys works with us and says, yes, that will work. That is how much yarn you need. Now this yarn store, where I got this yarn, is not-so-local. And it’s been a few months. And I no longer have the ballbands [well, I'm pretty sure I have them, but who knows where they are. They are with the fleece artist sock yarn band, I'm sure.] so I’m not sure of the dyelot. In any case, I have yarn nerves.

The pattern is by Knitting Pure and Simple. It’s their v-neck cardigan vest (#995). I’m knitting it with Knit 1 Crochet 2 Second Time Cotton. [I started with 3 skeins. Each is 100gr 180 yards.] My gauge is not the pattern gauge but that does not matter to me, well, what I mean is, that is not unusual for me. I just recalculate the cast on and do some reworking on the decreases and knit on. Actually, it is may be working well on this knit, as the size I wanted, between x-small and small resulted in a cast-on, for my gauge, which was very near the cast on for one of the medium sizes so I’m following along with the pattern for that size.

Here’s a pic during knitting of the first ball.

What’s that white yarn at the bottom you might ask. The white yarn is a crocheted piece of dye-yur-own wool used as a provisional cast-on. The pattern calls for an inch or so of ribbing at the bottom. I’m not sure I want ribbing. I may want garter or seed stitch. [This cotton is not going to rib in the traditional sense. It’s just going to lay there with columns of knit and purl.] The provisional cast-on allows me to not make that choice yet. It also allows me to knit to what may seems like a minimum vest length sans bottom border and see how much yarn is left, hopefully, when I get to the shoulders. Hopefully, the prov. caston will also allow me to make a choice, when I get there about length. If need me, I can pick up and knit down a few more rows. That's too many hopefully's for proper writing. But this is my blog, and like "there are no knitting police", I think "there are no writing grades for blogs" (maybe there should be? naahh). And yarn nerves give me the hopefully's.

My knitting has been somewhat distracted recently, and there’s one more pattern needing whispering but hopefully, I can cast it on, try it out, and put it away and get back to knitting on this vest, fairly monogamously and make some progress.

Sometime soon.

more later


Anonymous Angeluna said...

Glad to see you are working on this. I hate those yarn nerves. Usually solve it by madly overbuying. Also because I buy yarn without a pattern in mind, so play it safe. One day, when all my stash is knitted, I'm going to have some mega leftovers. Knitting right now on a sweater I carefully calculated to 125 yds under what I bought. Then 4 of my 5 skeins weighed light, so I may not have enough. So I'm knitting and weighing, knitting and weighing again. Shortening sleeves by the half inch at a time. When I buy off the web, I can't weigh them first before buying, like you do. But it will all work out. With yours, if you want it longer, it wouldn't hurt that the bottom was a different dyelot, design element remember?

7/22/2006 2:24 PM


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