Monday, June 26, 2006

That darn camera

This is a long story. Skip to the end for knitting content.

We were ready to go my sis's house early Sunday. She has a doin's every summer but that's not the subject of this post. I declared, on Saturday, that we were leaving at 7:00(am). dh thought that was too early and decided in his own mind that we would leave at 7:30. dh decided the car had to be vacuumed. So he's out vacuuming early Sunday and I decided to post my new sock yarn pics. We'll get back to the sock yarn in a minute. So I take out the miniature disc and plug it into the computer the way we always do and nothing. I take it out and plug it back in. And again. Nothing. So I take it out and plug it very carefully and fully... into the wrong hole. The hold for bigger little discs that what I have. And it goes all the way into the computer. It's in there somewhere. Now what kind of a mess have I made. dh comes back into the house and I confess the "problem" I have made. Not quite as bad as the last "problem" I made when I mowed over a too high sprinkler head.

So we drive on up to ds's house. No pics of the relatives because there's no "film" disc for the camera.

Flash forward to 9:30 p.m. We're home and I'm tired but I want that disc out of the computer. Now we've had this computer for a couple of years but I've never opened the "box". But I'm determined. I unplug all those darn cables, slide the cpu out of it's slot, shake it a bit, and think I hear something. It turns out it's no big deal to get it open, just one screw. Pretty soon I've got it open, laying on the floor peering into all of the reaches with a flashlight. It takes a few minutes but somewhere in the dark corner I find that little disc.

Note to self --- put some tape over that hole that is for bigger discs.

Now to get the pics out. Put the disc in the correct slot. Nothing. Go find the fuji software that's supposed to be automatic and start it manually and it says the disc needs to be formatted. What's up with that? I decline the format. I put the disc in the camera and it says the card is not readable. Put the disc back in the computer and with some relunctance, I re-format it. Put it back in the camera and still no worky. With much groaning and grumbling and whining, I shut off the computer and go to bed.

Next morning I go to work. I'm a bit early (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) so I do a little internet research and gather a couple of ideas of how to get the little card working. Then I call CVS and they have my card on sale this week. 256 mb for 24.99. The old card was just 64 mb. I called dh and he says well, that would be nice if we go on vacation. I'm thinking yeah, right, we're going on vacation. We do a big trip now and then but generally no "regular" vacations. (Sweden 1986, Italy and Greece 2003, a couple ski trips between) But I digress. I go get the card at lunch time. I come home this evening and try the in camera format with the old card and vwaalaaa we can take pictures. Break out the new card and it works too. We are back in the digital camera business.

Now if you're still with me, here is the sock yarn pic. Well it's a new pic with the new disc because the old pic is, well, gone. Sock yarn for 3 pairs for under $20.00, including shipping from ebay. The top four are Regia, the bottom is Sipan 50/50 wool and alpaca. The label would seem to indicate the Sipan is machine washable. The seller did not know how to read the label. Some swatching is in order.

And the long drive knitting pics:

My first Mason Dixon ball band warshrag. Well, not the first one I started but the first one I finished.

And for the rest of the drive, and because there's an awful lot of that yarn left:

More later,


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