Friday, June 23, 2006


As you will see as this blog unfolds, I knit a lot of socks. Sometimes mom says (I call her every Sunday) "you don't need anymore socks" and I say "I wear socks every day". And sometimes she'll say, knit me some socks. I have knit her one pair. She wears short socks and I knit her a short pair. After about 3/4 inch of ribbing, there were two rows of sock top, then the heel turn. Those were some of the fastest socks ever. Now, the woman who never wears socks with long legs wants socks with long legs. Ok, sometime soon.

Here are my newest socks on the needles:

Now I'm normally a top-down, dpn kind of a sock knitter but I decided to try some toe ups using magic loop. And it's going pretty ok. My knit night friend G loaned me one of her size 1 Addis and she and I and S hammered out Judy's magic cast-on from the spring 06 knitty. We worked through it together in our corner of Starbucks. And we all got some socks going.

The yarn is Koigu --my first time.

And I am liking it.

More later, Jeri


Anonymous W said...

Hi Jeri,

I like the Blog. I worked the magic cast on here at home and it worked quite nicely. So much better that that provisional cast on. I have had to put the socks aside to focus on my pink guage sweater. I hope to finish it this weekend and wear it when I see you next week. It fits great so far. Thanks again for all your help.

6/24/2006 10:23 AM


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