Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mason Dixon kimono

My first project from Mason Dixon knitting. 2 skeins of light blue sugar and cream. Size 7 needles. The pattern calls for 6s but they're in another project and the yarn liked the 7s. Well, I like the knit fabric created by the 7s so I went with it. I knit the whole thing just a smidge bigger than the pattern but one of my work friends who has a young baby says it's about newborn to 3 month size. But she says the mother may have some trouble getting the little darlin's hand through the sleeve so if, no when, I make another, I'll add a quarter or half inch to the sleeve "width".

I did buttons and button holes instead of ribbons. Since the sweater is blue and may be for a little boy, though I don't know who it's for, I changed up the increases from yarn overs to backwards-e cast-ons 2 stitches in (and knit in the back loops of the back-es on the next row).
I changed the sleeve decreases from 3-3-3-3... to 2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4 (I know, I know, if you add it up the sleeve is one stitch long, it just worked out that way.

If you're following along this blog, you may have noticed I don't follow patterns "too good". Part of my purpose for this blog is selfish on my part. I need to document my pattern departures. If I should decide to knit a project again, I may want to know what I did the first time. You know, when I am "in the knitting", I think I'll remember all of the details, but when time passes, memories fade.



Anonymous Wendy said...


I am wanting to add buttons to the front of my kimono. Here is my plan:
I want to distribute 3 buttons evenly among 28 rows of knitting.

K7 rows
*K2, BO2 for buttons, K to end of row
K2, CO2 K to end of row
*K4 rows
Repeat * to * once more
K2, BO2 for buttons, K to end of row
K2, CO2 K to end of row
K6 rows
Cast off

What do you think?


7/13/2006 8:48 AM


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