Sunday, August 06, 2006

more shrug

We've been knitting. And this shrug is a fast knit.

Witness parts:

And the main bit of body together:

Some details:

The back was knit pretty much by the pattern except I bumped the cast-on to 40 (from 38) which took the increases up to 46. Then I took the decreases down to 16. Like the pattern.

The sleeves were knit with the most “customization”. I started with a provisional crochet cast-on. 28 stitches, as per the patt though I wish I’d bumped it up a couple. I started just above the ribbing. Two reasons. I’m not sure I want 8 inches of ribbing but I don’t want to change my mind about how much ribbing after knitting the whole darn sleeve. And then take out the whole sleeve to change it. Plus with a seamed ribbing, and fold up ribbing, the seamed part shows. So, I’ll be adding on the sleeve ribbing later, knitted in the round. Just have to find some size 15 dpns or a long 15 circ with a cable suitable for magic loop. Yo, sisters of the wool?

I also changed the sleeve decreases which the re-published pattern changed from the original. The re-published pattern recognized that the sleeve decreases are asymmetrical. But on the side with minimal decreases, the re-published pattern has two decreases. On the first two right side rows. While the other side has traditional every other row (every right side row) raglan decreases. Now that’s just silly to put the only two right up front. That is not going to make a sleeve shaped like the graphic. So I did 1 decrease every 8 rows, 3 times. Yup, three. Two didn’t seem enough.

Then I seamed it up. Which went pretty quickly, considering there aren’t very many rows, per part. I used Sugar and Cream, almost natural. The natural color with little bits of color now and then. Because the solid all-natural colored Sugar and Cream is visiting my office/temporary duty location. Don’t ask.

Next comes the picking up part and I do have something to say about the recommended number of pick-up stitches. But that will come later…



Blogger AR said...

Very clever--fixing it up the way you want it!

8/06/2006 9:57 PM

Anonymous Angeluna said...

Well that didn't take long! What's the next project in the pipeline???? Clapotis?

8/07/2006 12:15 AM

Blogger Lynn said...

I have the 15 DPN's. Shall I bring them tomorrow night?

8/07/2006 8:12 PM


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