Thursday, August 10, 2006

hat 1 for the homeless

Just a quick post before work. My hours may be long for the next few weeks so my posts (and my knitting time) may be short.

For my shrug, I thought I needed some 15 dpns for the sleeve ribbing. At least, that's what the pattern says. But you know all about what I do with what patterns say.

My sister of the wool Lynn came through with 15s. I let out the provisional cast-on at knit night and proceed to rib for a couple of inches. Well, I'm disappointed with the rib, because I really liked knitting with Lynn's brittany birch 15s. But the ribbing on 15s is not airy, it's so loose, it's floppy, almost sloppy. So I need a plan b for the shrug rib.

But I really liked the dpns:

so I decided to use them for a hat:

The yarn is this and that, mostly worsted weight. All wool, I think. Some left from clogs last Christmas time. Some from an unraveled thrift shop sweater (that doesn't felt as well as I hoped it would). The red is from a cardigan I knit for myself last winter. Started off with 3 strands together. Ended up with 4 strands together. Cast-on 32. Join and a row of knit followed by two rows of seed then lots of knit knit knit around and around. Then standard hat decreases (in this case k2tog around 5 decrease points). The pattern is similar to a Dulaan hat pattern on the yarn harlot's blog a couple years ago. Except I knit in the round.

It's a little small for a woman's head (this woman) but will fit a 8 to 10 year old fine, I'm guessing. And will keep that girl's head nice and warm. I haven't a plan for how to distribute the hats but I brought up the idea at knit-night and some may join me in making hats.

more later,


Blogger AR said...

What a cute hat. It's sure to make someone feel special, and help keep them warm when it gets all cold, and nasty out.

8/10/2006 11:09 AM


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