Monday, October 02, 2006


There is much grumbling from my knitting nest on the sofa. I am on the home stretch of dd's sweater. Ready for the hood decreases. The pattern says to work even to 8 1/2 inches ending with a RS row. I was at a smidge over 8 and I knit two more rows and I was at 8 3/4. How could this happen?

I was near the end of a ball, with one "most of a ball" and decided to take a yarn pulse. The last ball had knit about 18 rows of 87 stitches (1566 stitches). A quick spreadsheet of the remaining rows showed there were 17 rows left with two k3tog's every other row or 1206 stitches left. Well, if a 50 gram ball knit 1566 stitches and I have 40 grams, that should knit 1252.8 stitches. (That math degree comes in handy sometimes.) Too close for comfort so I tinked back two rows.

And pulled my pattern close to make sure of how these decreases are going to work. Now remember the pattern said to end the work even with right side row. The next section tells me how to do the decreases and says to start with a right side row. There it is RS in bold. Now tell me knitters, how does a right side row follow a right side row? Ding ding ding ... it doesn't.

I checked vogue for errata/corrections. None for this pattern. I emailed them but I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to guess that these k3tog are to be done on the right side. But first I'm going to knit up a sample and do some testing. This stretch of yarn has been tinked once and looks ok but it's not going to hold up to repeated tinking. And I don't have any extra yarn. That extra ball I bought, well, it's knitted up. All we have left is that 40 grams. And some trimmings.

In other news, Swallowtail pics are still coming. As soon as I figure out how to get her pic. I'm taking her to knit night tomorrow so maybe one of my Sisters Of the Wool can help me get a pic.

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Blogger AR said...

That's a lot of math. I guess it is good that you have that degree.

10/04/2006 8:51 AM


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