Sunday, August 27, 2006

there is knitting...

at my house but no pics. Hopefully tomorrow.

There were longer hours on-the-job most days last week and there was work (at work) on Saturday. This is cutting into my knitting time.

The sweater has been getting it's one ball of knitting per day and two balls of knitting Saturday so it got a break today. Or I got a break from sweater knitting. However you want to look at it.

Current sweater status:

back is done -- 5 balls
one sleeve is done -- 3 balls
other sleeve is 1 ball up from the cuff
one front is ready for its pocket lining join. That's just almost one ball.
the other front has it's pocket line joined on. It's at one full ball.

In today's non-sweater knitting, I tried a slip stitch pattern that might be useful on a dishcloth or bib. This test piece is not sure what it wants to be, until it gets a bib strap. The slip stitch pattern did not work out (or maybe the yarn colors/variegation didn't work out with the pattern) the way I hoped it would so it's an odd border to another slip stitch pattern I wanted to try out. We'll call it a design feature...

Then I started some slippers for nephew #3. He just started at OSU so they're black and orange. Well the orange is subtle and used only for the inner sole. I use the fiber trend's clog pattern which is very well written. There is some counting and paying attention though I have some tricks to minimize the counting. With a high contrast inner sole, I stop the contrast color after row 5 so it doesn't jump out around the edges when the outer sole is joined. Made lots of them last winter and have plans for a few more for Christmas or birthdays or just because. This pair has the two inner soles and one slipper is knit halfway up the toe/instep and the other is starting the toe shaping. I have a feeling there's not enough black in the stash. So I'm trying to keep them even with what I have and will work in another skein as needed.

more later,


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