Wednesday, October 11, 2006

river rapids near the end

Here is the river rapids post I owe you:

And on deck we have Koigu:

I had a comment/question from Maybe about rpm. Appropriate to the Socktoberfest season, it's a sock question. Maybe asked how to make rpm swirl the other way. One of my knit night buds has already figured this out so I'll pass on that you need to add one to the cast on instead of subtracting one and she will swirl the other way.

To be more specific, the pattern cast-on is 54 --- my pattern mod to simplify the knitting is to cast-on 53 --- and to reverse the swirl T says to cast-on 55. If you're on gauge as 7 spi, this will increase your sock circumference (more math words ) by 2 stitches or about one-quarter inch.

For those who may not have seen rpm, it's on knitty in the summer 06 issue. Here's a link.

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