Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where's the errata Wednesday

There’s a free pattern available on the interweave site. You have to sign up with your name and email addy but you don’t have to have a magazine subscription. It’s called the Stitch N’ Pitch Sock. There are a few problems with this pattern imho.

Not sure this link will work if you’re not signed up. This pic won't be posted here long.

1) The yarn called for is Lily Chin Signature Collection Gramercy. I’ve never heard of it but that’s not unusual since I don’t buy many yarns promoted by name knitters. It is described as 100% Superwash Merino wool 127 yd 116 m /50 g. Well, that’s not normally considered sock weight yarn in my book. I’d call it dk based on the yardage per 50 g. I tried making socks with heavier weight yarns. If you look back a year or so, you'll see my questions on KR. But I got over it. And you can use any yarn to make socks so I’ll let this one go.

2) The pattern calls for 3 skeins of the above Lily Chin yarn in white and 1 ball of purple. The modeled sock shows another darker color, maybe navy or black (not sure what the rockies colors are) but the patt doesn’t call for any darker yarn in the supply list or the knitting instructions. So following the instructions, I don’t think you’d get a sock that looks like the pictured sock. You’d get a white sock with a couple purple stripes. Now you can use any colors you want so we could let this one go too.

3) The rated pattern gauge is 15 sts per 2 inches. That's 7 ½ stitches per inch. The cast on is 64. That makes a sock that is 8.5333 inches around. Let’s say 8 ½. However the finished size per the pattern is 7 ½ foot circumference. Umm 8 ½ is more than 7 ½. And in terms of socks an inch makes a lot of difference. In this case 13.3 percent. So maybe the rated gauge is wrong. Which I doubt considering the yarn size (see #1 above). Or the pattern projected finished size is wrong. And if you can’t cinch that dk weight yarn down to 7 ½ stitches per inch, your sock will be even bigger.

As usual, if I hear that errata is posted, I'll let you know. Until then, pick your own yarn, and pick your own colors and how many colors you want, and recalculate the cast-on based on your gauge.

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