Sunday, January 07, 2007

ribwarmer is done

Here she is, ends woven in, shoulder seams three needle binded-off, collar-ette sewn down. Shown with my new turtleneck. I took back some long sleeved tees that didn't fit quite right and got this at the after Christmas sales.

For my future reference, when doing a three needle bind-off of garter stitched knitting, I like the result best when the right side, of both sides to be joined, has the most recent bump row. That is the last row knitted should be a wrong side row. If this is not the case, the right side of the bind off has a wider gap at the "seam".

In other news, I thought I'd show you one of my Christmas presents:

As I was opening gifts, everytime I'd open a box about this size, dh would say, I'm going to get in trouble over this one. When I opened the camera, I suggested my daughter give him the "gift card" I had printed out on my home laser printer, that was a "buy your own" gift card for a new digital camera. He gestured toward the one I had just opened and said "I pick that one." Which is pretty much what I knew when I opened it. He's been wanting a new high mega-pixel camera with all the bells and whistles. I knew that but didn't want the burden of choosing what he would want. Not knowing that he had taken himself shopping before Christmas. I have convinced him over the years that I do not want any gifts with cords. Somehow I have to make some new gift parameters that include not getting me gifts that he wants.

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