Sunday, January 07, 2007


Here we have the ribwarmer vest, almost done. Basted at the shoulders for the final try-on. I just have to knit a few rows for the collar-ette. And three needle bindoff the shoulders and weave in a few ends. Very few ends as it was knit from a single skein of Cherry Tree Hill Twister in the water colorway. Thanks to Taya who went to the CTH sale and sold me this ball for a good price. It is good sproingy knitting.

This is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's ribwarmer vest except knit with adaptations from my knitting friend Joy who had multiple versions from her knitting friends. It's knit in one piece from the top back from a provisional cast-on. Just one oddity I would change if I knit it again. It said to have an odd number of stitches and put that center back stitch on a holder. Which I did. And you can see it is still on a holder. I can't see that the pattern ever told me to do anything with it. There is a yarn tail there to weave in and I guess the tail will go through that stitch too.

Just for posterity, I left 3 stitches for the curved front corner. Well, I am sure of this fact as it applies to the second front that I knit. The first front was turned around Thanksgiving before the Christmas knitting consumed all my knitting time. And those things you are sure you will remember, well, I don't. So I should make better notes. Or notes, at all. Or blog it.

Also for posterity, it was knit on size 6 straights. Short Clovers. With a cast-on of 65. With short row shoulder shaping. And three stitches decreased in the collar area (on each side) during the front shoulder short rows.

Watch for a finito pic later today or tomorrow.



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