Saturday, January 06, 2007

mission falls stash enhancement

Thanks to one of my Sisters Of the Wool, I heard about a 50% off all yarns at a local quilt shop. They have yarns too as a sideline but you're on your own when shopping for yarn as I have never once seen the one they call "the yarn lady". So I don't call them a lys.

I have been seeing the ad for the mission falls striped sweater in recent magazines. It calls to me. The book has that sweater plus a similarly striped cardigan (with minor color differences, and I thought the stripe pattern was different but it seems it is not). And I thought there was a similarly striped cap but that must be in another book. This is not a great leap for a hat knitter such as myself. And there's a fair isle sweater pattern that looks promising. Not that I know how to knit fair isle but it's on the list. Oh, yeah, you haven't seen that list. But I digress...

I had seen the mission falls striped sweater book at Yarns Ewenique during December but was not quite ready to buy it then. I did look at the required number of colors and skeins at that time, and admired and patted the mission falls wools (and cottons) but a bit of quick math kept me from buying a bag full. At full price, the yarn for the sweater is over $100.

After a few emails with my SOW and a phone call, it was established that the quilt shop did indeed have some mission falls wool though the number of colors was in question due to their new organize-by-colors scheme. So we find some clean jeans and run our hand through the hair and we're off. First a stop to buy the book at Yarns Ewenique (and some dpns). Then on to Cabbage Rose. It seems that they had over half of the colors I "need" and I bought a few extras of other colors "because you never know". All in all 20 balls at half price. Here you have it. Sorry, it's a little dark in the dining room but you get the idea.


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