Wednesday, January 10, 2007

which socks pics

Yesterday's post has been edited to add pics. And blogger was not cooperating on the lots of pics so I had to look up my photobucket info, or should I say, lookup what photo service I signed up for. I found, and posed all of the sock projects, except for one, which is AWOL, but I have seen it within the last month. But while looking for the missing sock, I found another pair. So now there are 10.

Last night at knit night, we got to pass around and pat and ooh and aah over Grace's STR of the month club yarns and patterns. And some of my Sisters of the Wool are signed up. And I'm thinking about it. But with all these socks in process and all this sock yarn, I think I'll knit on these this year and maybe so the STR club next year. Maybe my knitting friend who doesn't like blue will get a blue kit and sell it to me.

The which sock comment voting poll is open.

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Anonymous Susan said...

I would go for the Koigu or the CTH. Stay away from any of the socks that gave you "issues". Do one pair that you will enjoy....GL Susan

1/10/2007 8:03 PM

Anonymous Angeluna said...

Wow Jeri, when you blog, you BLOG!
BTW, I talked to Tina (the dyer) at STR and there is NO blue in this year's colorways. She doesn't care for blue either. If there were, I would pass them on to you, but there won't be any. So join up and let's do a bi-monthly KAL. FUN!
Goodie, goodie, I get to vote on socks. I agree with Susan above, EXCEPT, I think I would finish DDs cotton socks first. You will feel so relieved to have one pair out of the pile that it will let you knit the next with a clearer conscience. And I wouldn't think you would have to frog all the ribbing, just the top row or two to knit back with a more flexible cast-off. In any case, an hour's work and you will feel so much better.
1. You are so close to the heel on the RPMs and the yarn is spectacular in that pattern, don't frog them. Just knit to the ankle and switch to stockinette for the foot and be done.
2. CB Lace, when you find them, I will do a KAL with you. Have the yarn ready.
3. Looks like next Christmas to me. Need concentration and it won't make you happy.
4. I would finish these first. Piece of cake.
5. Cat has reworked this pattern, BUT it is in the second sock book, so years away. Perhaps we can both ask her for the corrected pattern. They are spectacular so I would definitely want to use this yarn for those socks.
6. Good yarn, you could find a pattern you like and put these next, or third after finishing those RPMs.
7. Or you could start a totally new pair with this.
8. Or this, knits quicker so you would have the results sooner.
9. Mismatch doesn't bother me, but I would put these off until you finish off another pair or two. You could try switching yarns at the ankle, so one top would match the other foot, and vice versa. Design element.
One successful and completed new pair will encourage you to deal with the others. You could always finish your striped sweater in between pairs. BTW, your vest was really lovely.

1/10/2007 9:44 PM

Blogger bookgrump said...

I'm in love with the RPMs! I'm tempted to do my portion of that CTH in the same pattern (someday) because they are just gorgeous.

I'd take the Birthday socks to knit night though. You need good light for the RPMs, and we certainly don't have it at knit night.

1/10/2007 10:01 PM

Blogger AR said...

Do the pair that will make you the happiest. I need to dig out my started socks. I don't have so many, but I need to knit them! :)

1/11/2007 9:33 AM


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