Monday, January 08, 2007

red scarf project

I've been knitting some red scarfs for the red scarf project. One is finished and one is in process:

The right one is finished except for blocking. It was knit of woolease, worsted weight, as a test to see if I liked knitting it. (It was ok for big box yarn, and was a good deal as I had a 50% coupon. ) It might have been done with one skein but seems a bit skimpy so I got another skein and added on until it seemed a good width (and met the project standards). The balance of the skein made a hat. It was knit in garter stitch, on a size 9 circ, with a cast on of 210. It was going to be 200 but there was some yarn tail left, so I used it. Cast-on and off with a bigger needle.

The scarf on the right is almost 4 feet long and will be done soon. Also knit with garter stitch, (CO 19) double stranded on size 11 short bamboo straights. The yarn is washable wool with a white viscose strand, from eBay. There was lots of it and it was a good deal, but didn't turn out to be something that I wanted for a sweater for myself. It became a donation sweater for Dulaan (many posts ago). And this scarf. And four balls went to a knit night Sister Of the Wool for another red scarf, also for the red scarf project. And four balls went to the daughter of a co-worker for another red scarf, also for the red scarf project. She crochets but we won't hold that against her. So soon the stash will be out of this red yarn. Alert the media.

I knit some at lunch time at work, and I'll take it to knit night as it is truly mindless, so I can keep up with all the knit (and not knit) talk. It should be done soon.

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