Sunday, January 14, 2007

Crystal cove with more sleeves

We have more sleeves. Do you like the basting? And you may see that a dpn can serve as a temporary "pin"?

We are almost there. Another inch or two on each sleeve. Perhaps with another decrease. I'm giving her a break until Tuesday when I'll get input from my SOW (Sisters Of the Wool) at knit night.

I have knit another skein on each sleeve to get to this point. There are a couple of little balls left from some part of the front and back that left a bit of yarn. We'll see if these little balls will be enough. I don't have yarn nerves, as you see, there is another bag (of 10 skeins). I bought 10 originally, thinking that would be enough but the pattern called for far more yardage and each skein is 40 grams instead of the traditional 50, so I ordered another bag. From an ebay seller with an excellent price for 10.

more later,


Anonymous Angeluna said...

Jeri, I LOVE it. You have made a beautiful sweater. Up to you on sleeve length. It would be fine either way.

1/15/2007 4:24 PM

Blogger AR said...

It looks just great! I'd make the sleeves longer, but that's cuz I like lo-o-o-ng sleeves.

1/15/2007 9:51 PM


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