Saturday, January 13, 2007

crystal cove has short sleeves?

Actually, no, crystal cove is not a short sleeve sweater. She is a long sleeve sweater whose sleeves are not finished. I knit one sleeve with the yarn left from finishing the front, as far as the yarn went. Then I knit the other sleeve with the yarn left from finishing the back, as far as that ball went. Well, this is not quite right.

There was a sleeve before these two, described above, that was trying to be knit in the round but it wasn't working out quite right, so it got frogged. Luckily there were stitch holders that were still there (and are still there, if you look at the picture closely) that double as lifelines. Some of my dear readers who are my Sisters Of the Wool may remember sleeve number 1. Well, one of the problems was that said sleeve intended to have 61 stitches, one of which was a p2tog of two shoulder stitches. Somehow said sleeve had 64 stitches. I know where one of the stitches came from [a late pickup] but the other two never explained themselves.

Also knitting said sleeve in the round was not working out. It started out on the sweater circ (size 9 Addi natura 24") but after wrestling a 24 inch needle round and round a sleeve a couple times, I tried a 16" size 9 Clover circ but a couple decreases later, that wasn't working out either. I didn't have size 9 dpns (but I do now) so I tried some 8's but they were 7 inchers and I kept feeling like the stitches were trying to escape. And the sleeve with all that sweater hanging off of it just wasn't turning round and round very well. The sweater took a break (about a week, not even a full fledged time-out). When it came back to the active knitting queue, I worked on a flat sleeve (sleeve 2 I guess) for an evening before I did the frogging thing on sleeve 1.

We're (Crystal Cove and I) much happier now,


Blogger AR said...

Wow, naughty sleeves. Hope they behave from now on. Can't wait to see the finished product.

1/14/2007 9:07 AM


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