Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bubble wrap hat

The bubble wrap hat is done, woven in and everything:

The pattern is from Lark's blog (Dec 18, 2006 post) It's a cute pattern and an easy one-skein knit. She posted about it on the lonesome skein yahoo group. I asked for the pattern and so did others so she blogged it. I knit it with Paton's Decor and cast-on 96 instead of 88 per the pattern, with a size 7US 16 inch circ (Clover I think). Why I cast-on more, I don't know, but it's probably a good thing because my gauge was closer to 4.5 spi instead of Lark's 4 spi.

And in order to start the decreases after a k2p2 set, I knit it to about 6". Otherwise it would have been just a smidge over 5" and I was afraid that would make a too shallow hat.

The decreases as written in the pattern, are much more dramatic than I usually do (usually 7 per row and every other row vs. halfing the stitches in each decrease row, and more plain rows between decreases) but I went with it and it works. The colorway is Mountain Top varg. And there are 36 grams left.

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