Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crystal Cove finito

Crystal Cove is an FO. First finished sweater of 2007. Started after Christmas, finished January 20, 2007.

One of these pics is the front and one is the back. The striping is similar but distinct. It is whatever the yarn wanted to do. The back and front shaping is the same. [Fortunately my shape is similar too.]

Crystal Cove pattern from Jill at Just One More Row
pattern extended by a gauge calculation to suite my blossom gauge
Yarn Noro Blossom 10 skeins ( each 40 grams) color 11 lot D
40%wool, 30%kid mohair, 20%silk, 10%nylon
Seamed with Shetland (DK by Wendy) 100% wool shade/col 84 light brown/tan
Needles size 9us Addi Natura circ (24") (3 needle bind-off on side seams Addi 10)

FO #2 of the day
Aqua Dancing socks

And a view of a bit of pooling:

Specs are sketchy as these have been ufo's for a while. I believe I started them in Plano at the soap convention in mid-2005. They were top downs but I found that I had knitted the cuffs in two styles. One k1p1, and one k2p2. I found this when responding to a what's your favorite rib on KR. I should have left them, but no. So I ripped back the k2p2 and reknit it as k1p1 and bound off. Loosely with a larger needle. And it was still too tight to put on without a struggle and a risk of popping the binding. So I attempted to rip back again and something got stuck and it wouldn't pick loose. And wouldn't pick loose. So I got irritated and jammed them in a ziplock. And at some point, I wanted the needles as I foung the sock waiting on a pair of size 1 metal straights. With the stitches willy nilly, this way and that, as far as orientation. I have no explanation.

And they've been in time-out. For a while. A long while. Well, I guess they decided to cooperate because today, I gently pulled the yarn on the first stitch and it came right out. I have no explanation except that maybe the knitting fairies were on my side today. Then I transferred the stitches to dpns and picked through them with a spare dpn to get all the stitches with their leading legs in the front. And I counted the stitches. 56. Sounded logical and reasonable (I didn't count the other sock) so I went with it and knit 11 rounds (about a knuckles worth) of k1p1. Then a sewn cast-off which I have found to be sooo wonderful for sock tops.

The pattern is a k3p1 rib which I've used for several pairs of socks. I knit the last rib with Crystal Palace bamboo dpns size 1us. I think this is the needle set that I knit the rest of the sock but I can't be sure. As I wasn't blogging (or recording results in any organized way) then.

The yarn is knitpicks Dancing color 23591 lot 60860. I think it's the color called Hula but I'm not sure as there is no color name on the label. It is 41%cotton, 39%wool, 13%nylon, 7%elastic.

This post is getting long, but there is one more bit of knitting news. I got a barnes and noble gift certificate for Christmas and used it this evening to buy a new knitting book:

So I'm going to go curl up and read some,


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Nice work!
"fortunately my shape is similar too." hehe

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