Thursday, January 18, 2007

fun fur time is over

Here we have two fun fur hats:
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and a smidge of fun fur left over
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For the record, the greener, more authentically fun furry hat was knit from Yarn Bee Wild Child eyelash yarn in the aquamarine color. The bluer hat is Moda Dea Dream color 3502, officially called lavender but it looks blue to me. Moda Dea is fluffy and soft though not furry. Both were double stranded with Caron Simply Soft no dye lot in country blue 2626. Both were knit with a long long (maybe 60") Addi turbo size 10US in the magic loop style. If I were going to knit many of these I'd get a 16" circ and dispense with all the loop pulling, or get a 32" circ, or size 10 tips and a 32" options cord. But for two hats, I used a needle I had, and it did the job. Both used a caston of 60, one row of knit then join up and knit circularly. The blue hat has two rows of k2p2 rib to stop the curls. The furry hat has two rows of seed to stop the curls. I did not think I had enough yarn to knit an extra inch or two of curl.

These hats are for the fun fur hat project for kids going through chemo. I'll be mailing them in a couple of weeks after I collect a few more from my Sisters Of the Wool. Grace was handing out fun fur from her stash last night.

Then back to regularly scheduled sweater knitting. Crystal Cove is so close. I'll show you tomorrow.

more later,


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