Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Which yarn?

We now know that for the inaugural sock madness sock that we need some solid and some variegated. We have some sock yarn players, with the starter(s) to be determined. There's koigu leftovers, CTH (full skein and leftovers), a CTH purple end-lot (thanks again Grace), a couple cakes of Lotus Blossom, even some regia and wildfoote (both have a buddy skein in the sock yarn box but I'm willing to break up a couple if need be).

In the knitting while we wait department, we have the mitts which are ready for the decreases on mitt #2. Very much like a standard toe decrease, so this might be considered SM (Sock Madness) warm-up work:

And in the completed, learn something new possibly related to SM, we have our first two-color knitting, now a baby hat for some baby-to-be-named-later.

There is some sad news to report... remember those Koigu socks I finished a couple weeks ago? I'll go find the post and link to it here. Remember when I had the problem at about heel time and I was so irritated that I couldn't even describe it? Well, the problem was that when I was clipping out the scrap yarn to put in the afterthought heel, I accidentally clipped the sock yarn. Near the corner. Well, I wove the little ends in best-as-I-could. And proceeded to knit the heels and the rest of the socks. And they seemed fine. And I wore them and washed them a time or two. And then:

It's loose and there's some kind of problem. It's acting kind like a running stitch but I can't see that a stitch is running. And gentle pulls don't seem to make it run more. So that's good. I'll be fixing it soon because I really do like these socks.
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