Saturday, March 03, 2007

Petey's debut

I'm getting psyched up for Sock madness and clearing off some sock projects that are close. My STR Fire on the Mountain socks are so close:
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These will may be done tomorrow.

And I'm almost done on a baby hat:
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It's done except for the weaving in. Well, and it needs to be washed because Petey tried it on (with apologies to Jay Leno (and to Petey)):
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The hat is knit with k2p2 ribbing with a cast-on of 68, knit up straight until I started to worry about running out of yarn (which is leftover sock yarn 1 strand of knitpicks discontinued yarn held together with 1 strand of dye-yur-own sock yarn, dyed light gray). It is knit on size 7us inox 16" circs until the decreases made the number of stitches unmanageable on the circ. Then I switched to size 4 dpns. Because they were the first non-sock dpns I ran into. With the ribbing, it looks small and will probably fit a newborn size but will stretch to 19 inches around. It is about 6 inches tall, so for a bitty head, the mom could turn up the bottom inch or two. For those who might be wondering, there is no designated baby.

more later,


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