Sunday, February 18, 2007

purple yarn

That popping sound I heard yesterday... it was the lifeline. Luckily it just popped out of four or five stitches. And I was able to frog back easily and pick up the lifeline stitches and the popped out stitches. The leg is in process and the other sock has a heel too and a stockinette leg in process. Pics tomorrow of str fotm (socks that rock fire on the mountain socks).

Today we have pics of a dyeing adventure. I have some yarn in the stash that needs a carry along feltable yarn to knit another pair of clogs.. And it needs to be purple.. but I don't have purple.. but I have stash yarn, an odd skein of knitpicks elegance in a creamy color, some leftover paton's wool (label missed the pic but is now found), and a coupla skeins of tannish, light brownish shetland (there's lots in the stash):
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and I have dye, or dye substitutes:
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I used all of 2 packs of grape, 1 pack of cherry (did you know cherry and grape have different amounts of powder per the label? and per the scale) and .5 gram of the blue rit. And salt. And two glass mixer bowls full of water. Heated to near boiling. Stewed for about 20 minutes.
wvaa laa:
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And it was laundry day here in Texas. Including sock laundry. Which I have taken to doing in the washer on extra gentle. Whether the yarn is superwash, which most of them are, or not. Yup, you read that right. Socks knit from yarn that has to be handwashed is going in the washer. And they are all surviving. Witness:
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top row from left to right:
rpm cth end lot
aqua kp dancing basic socks k3p1 rib
jaywalker cth foxy lady
koigu (latest sock FO)

bottom row left to right:
kp alpaca (dk weight?) lace socks
sock bug river rapids yarn by lisa souza
mc bearfoot (or is it barefoot, I always forget) in a basketweave type pattern. Which is obscured by the mohair contents current halo
kp merino sock yarn another k3p1. In a pink discontinued colorway

And there are a couple more pair in the "collection" that didn't get worn, or at least didn't get washed.

Just wanted to mention, I really like that collapsible drying rack I bought at an estate sale a coupla' years ago.

more later,


Blogger AR said...

Great purple yarn! Love the newly washed socks, too. :)

2/19/2007 11:56 AM

Blogger somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hey there saw your question on the Sock Madness challenge. I discovered that Addi Turbos and certain manufacturers differ greatly in their US sizes. I always end up going according to the metric size instead.
Hope that helps!

2/21/2007 12:50 PM


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