Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feb 1 status

One month of '07 is passed. Here's where I am on my knitting:

2007 FOs January count 13
Crystal Cove pullover Noro blossom
. . . . . .(there's a bag of 10 skeins left,
. . . . . ..anybody want a good deal on some Noro blossom?)
ribwarmer vest ...CTH twister from Taya
2 red scarves woolease & eBay red wool with viscose
bubble wrap hat
variegated Shetland scarf
rpm socks ...Grace's cth end-lot from eBay
aqua kp cottony socks
multi-color cotton warshrag
preemie hat for co-worker's preemie baby (12 1/4 inches) ..used stash leftover sock
2 fun fur hats
aqua sock baby hat

Socks: total started or planned 10 complete 2
rpm socks done
Cat Bordhi lace socks
brown socks for dh ...wool gatto
aqua kp cottony socks done
brown mis-matched socks
Cat Bordhi smile socks
koigu socks in knitting
birthday cth socks
Mountain Colors barefoot socks
STR Fire on the Mountain socks . . . yarn from KR destasher $15.00

2007 Knitting status 2/1/07 Started: count 12
Cat Bordhi lace socks
brown socks . . . wool gatto
cotton shrug 90% in knitting
knitty Grace 40% . . . Noro cotton silk
pink cotton sweater 70% . . . (yarn source attitude)
brown mis-matched socks
Cat Bordhi smile socks to document then frog
koigu socks in knitting
baby albert sweater
recycled silk bag
multidirectional scarf . . . variegated alpaca
lace shawl 1% . . . probably to be frogged

It's hard to believe that I've finished 13 projects already this year. Many of the projects were small, and many were started last year (or the year before lol), but some were more significant. Like the Crystal Cove pullover and ribwarmer vest and finishing rpm.

That's two pairs of socks done and another well on the way. One ball of STR added to the collection.

Just 12 projects in the started pile, with two well into the in knitting category, and two that will likely be knocked out of in process by frogging.

For February, I plan to finish the Koigu socks and finish the shrug. I may work on baby Albert and may be able to finish him also. I'm guessing another pair of socks will enter the in knitting arena, and hats tend to come and go quickly. There's a stash busting vest I've been reading. I'm planning a couple other major sweaters too, but plan to finish off a few more projects before they go on the needles. dh will probably get a sweater with lots of cables.

But that will be later,


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