Sunday, January 28, 2007

koigu foot one plus shrug ufo

There was knitting on koigu foot 1. I continued from the magic cast-on from yesterday. Increasing to 48 then two plain rows then another increase brings us to 52. I knit two plain rows after reaching 52 and was planning to go to 54 or 56 as that is what usually fits me. But I stiopped at 52 because, well, it looked big enought. There was lots more knitting. And it looked a little big but it wasn't convenient to try it on so there was more knitting. I got to here:
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and tried it on and it was too big. Seriously too big. And I liked this yarn a lot so I was not willing to keep knitting and find someone else who likes it too. So there was some frogging. Back to 48.
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and there was re-knitting. This last pic was taken outdoors so the colors are pretty good. At least on my moniter.
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In other knitting news, the shrug from some months ago had paid its pennance, so she came out of the time-out, and the rib bind-off was undone. No small feat considering the slubbiness of the yarn. Then I worked a sewn cast-off. Again, no small feat considering the slubbiness and bulkiness. And the length of yarn needed for cast-off. There were six feet of yarn, yes, two yards, from the unbinding-off (is there such a term? I guess there is now). I could not stomach dragging six feet of yarn through the sewing so I halfed it. And dragged three feet in and out of a lot of stitches. When the yarn ran out there were about 30 stitches left so I did some quick estimating and cut another piece about a yard and a half long and dragged it through the remaining stitches.

So there is a try-on to check it out. This sewn bind off is just about right. Not wonderful or perfect but pretty good and certainly sooo much better than before. We have the show for dh. I ask his opinion on the sleeves. Whether they should be full length or just below the elbow (as per the patt) and he says something is wrong with the sleeves. He says they don't match. I repeat my question; he repeats his observation. I look at the sleeves and understand his point. One has several inches of ribbing. One is held on a provisional cast-on. They don't match but I'm not at all concerned about that. I'm trying to figure out what they want to be and he is worried one sleeve will be left behind...
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There will be ribbing on sleeve 2. They will match. And I think they will be full length.

more later,


Anonymous Angeluna said...

I vote for full length. Cute as the pattern looked with 3/4s, it looks skimpy on. But aren't you supposed to knit like 18" or ribbing to turn back on itself?

1/29/2007 2:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like full length sleeves.
Cute sock start. Glad you got it to the right size. I hate it when that happens, but at least it was before the heel!

1/29/2007 8:13 AM


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